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OK...I was just surfking articles on the Sun Times website about the Cubs and after THREE seperate articles pissed me off....I'm here to vent and hope that somehow Lou Piniella and Jim Hendry see this.

Article 1:,CST-SPT-cub20.article

In this article Lou says
''I don't have the luxury here of having young kids that we can bring up here and put on the field and provide a little more energy and possibly jump-start it from that position,'' Piniella said. ''We don't have that. So our veteran players are going to have to dig in and get it done. That's it.''

Hey dumbass...yes you have depleted Iowa about as much as can be. Now how about PLAYING the kids that you did get?!?!?! Fuld would provide a TON of energy and has! Fox has earned a chance to play regularly! Hoffpauir should have been used more! Don't make such a stupid comment that you don't have the luxury of using kids to give a spark. No you bring the kids up and let them rot on the bench.

Article 2:,CST-SPT-csep20.article

So last year Sweet Lou pissed and moaned about not having lefty bats. Now it's that we are slow and unathletic. Gee George, ya think? Your buddy Hendry put this crap together. Soriano is one of the worst fielders in MLB. Bradley isnt all that in RF. So what are you expecting? If you REALLY feel that is a problem then do what you have to do. Shift Fukudome to RF, and put Fuld in CF. That leaves just Sorinao's crappy D out there. As for speed on the bases, again, what were you expecting? Soriano to have a resurgance? Where did you think the speed on the paths was going to be at? Quit making excuses and play the hot hand Lou.....thats all you need to the hot hand.

Article 3:,CST-SPT-cubnt20.article

'Jim Hendry on Milton Bradley: 'Milton's been playing hard,'' Hendry said. ''He's stayed healthier than I think any of us could have expected. His on-base percentage has been really good the past month.'' WHAT??? He's stayed healthier than any of us could have expected??? Exactly how much time were you expecting him to miss in the first place? And you STILL signed him to that deal? Then again, maybe you did expect sever injuries..after all you sure made that trigger clause for the third year quite easy to attain. And to think Bradley gets a raise from 6.3 million to 10.3 million next year!

Memo to Mr. Ricketts: PLEASE clean house. Re-Assign Jim Hendry. If Steve Stone does not want the job, then go get a young up and comer. Think Theo Epstein. He worked in the wings with the Pads and then went out to get a shot with Boston..and look what he's done. Let Lou head back to Florida and thank him for his service to the team. To bounce back next year, give Bob Brenly a chance. He's experienced..has won a Series...former player....and has impressed me extremely from the booth. He's been around the team for several years..knows the players well...knows our division foes well... I dont see what giving him a shot would hurt. Plus, I for one would LOVE to see how he handled Soriano with all the crap he gives him from the booth!

Let your new GM for free agents on the Cubs:

First order of business: Get DeRosa back in Chicago.

As for our own free egents: Gregg is not welcome back in Chicago. Ditto Aaron Miles. If the price is right bring Rich Harden back in the fold. Reed Johnson is a gamer, but I think we need to see how the team shakes out. Do we want Fuld in there for less? Do we need a RH bat versus a LH bat?

As for arbitration...say goodbye to well as Cotts...You sign all the others to deals.

Other free agents: Consider a run at Orlando Hudson. He signed his 1 year deal with LA and has done well. Baker if he continues as he has should get consideration, but how will he hold up for a whole season? Does D-RO come back to play 2B instead?

What about Chone Figgins for 2B? He does have some experience there (as well as serve as a back up for 3B and OF)

We are locked in with OF starters unless we eat money or find a sucker to trade with.

Soto better work his ass of in the off season to stay in shape or tell him to stay home and smoke his weed.

Same with our starting pitching..namely your damn Ab's and get in shape.