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With a stretch of 23 games in a row for the Chicago Cubs this may be the telling of how this team may end up. Now at .500 in their season much is up in the air regarding the chemistry of this team and whether or not those paid high salaries can swing the bats with more consistency. We know with the old hitting coach out and Joshua in this may have an impact in a positive way rite out the gate. The Cubs have the starting pitching leading the Majors with this rotation. Question is can this team now get on a role with hitting that little white ball.

With interleague play going on and the Sox coming into Wrigley, this may be fun for many fans but i assure you the ball players are clued in on just executing and playing well resulting in WINS. For the cubs it happens to be the White sox where now they have to get there acts together. One would hope this club will begin to hit and do it in fashion here in this cross town series.

For the Cubs to win this series they must hit period. This will be difficult as the White Sox have a good staff on the mound and without hits they will lose each and every game sorry to say. We have seen the pitching of the Cubs pitch game after game with perfection but how long could this last ? I'm in agreement that if and i say if the Northsiders hit " Good Enough " this may be all they need to go on the remainder of this season and walk into the post season with some gusto. Now saying that if indeed they collapse at the plate and Hendry and Lou do nothing to use their resources to make this team play with good chemistry, well my Cub Fans this will be the last of the Cubs we have known for the last few years.

Predictions for this cross-town series.
@ Wrigley field: 2-3 -White Sox
@ Cellular Field: 2-3 White Sox

Prediction are based upon the Cubs offensive #'s.

I want Cub fans to know I hope and pray the Cubs win the next 22 games even though almost impossible but can be done.