The Current Chicago Cubs ! Starting with 9 on the road..

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After reading comments from Chris De Luca's from the Suntimes, it's obvious if the Cubs are to make a run a post season they will need to start producing with the roster in hand. The Chicago Cubs carry the 3rd highest payroll in baseball and one would expect this team to play more consistent than shown. We have seen this team run into one injury after another yet still they are finding ways to stay in the thick of things in the NL Central thus far.

Somehow the sale of the Cubs becomes more and more complicated by the owner and buyer hitting obstacles inside the deal of this team. Jim Hendry I'm sure has his hands tied trying to find talent to insert in this lineup but with little money he is tied to being creative with his moves. With Rickett's legally being strapped into limbo having to wait until this deal comes to a closure and Sam Zell NOT giving lee way to the cubs in spending money, the big trades for Peavy and or Oswalt will be watched from the side lines where potentially other major league teams consider making moves to compete.

Chicago is a game over .500 and not even close to playing like they know they can. The positive thought of this club is their are many reasons to think this team will hit stride at the rite time and pull ahead, Key players on this club know their roles and expect the performance of this club to only get better. As long as the Cubs can lead with their on going starting pitching i'm convinced with a improving offense Chicago will walk into the playoffs. 90% of baseball is Pitching and the rest is a combination of steady hitting with good defense.

Look, this Cub team has on paper arguably some if not the most complete players in baseball. This may be a reason why they have the payroll they do. Chicago the city and the fans within can taste a Word Series getting to the playoffs the last few years.
We sure hope Jim Hendry and management has the opportunity by the trade deadline to
make any and all trades to further deepen this roster. It may take that one individual to get this team over the hump and with the Cubs ownership transaction still a muddy one fans and management have to be optimistic the sale will get done sooner than later.

Fans be faithful and strong as things will click, I can't say when but the cub inside me says it will and it will start tonight against Atlanta.

Go Chicago !!

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