Draft Recap

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Here are the players the Cubs drafted on day 1, day 2 and day 3.

Round 1, pick 31: Brett Jackson, position-CF college-California age-20.
Round 2, pick 79: David LeMaheiu, position-IF college-Louisiana age-20.
Round 3, pick 109: Austin Kirk, position-LHP school-Owasson High School age-19.
Round 4, pick 140: Christopher Rusin, position-LHP college-Kentucky age-22.
Round 5, pick 170: Wesley Darville, position-SS school-Brookswood High School age-17.
Round 6, pick 200: Brooks Raley, position-LHP college-Texas A&M age-20.
Round 7, pick 230: Blair Springfield, position-SS school-MacArthur High School age-18
Round 8, pick 260: Robert Whitenaack, position-RHP college-New York age-20.
Round 9, pick 290: Richard Jones, position-catcher college-South Carolina age-21.
Round 10, pick 320: Joseph Thomas, position-3B college-Florida age-20.
Round 11, pick 350: John Mincone, position-LHP college-New York age-19.
Round 12, pick 380: Burundi Davis, position-OF college-Texas age-20.
Round 13, pick 410: Chad Taylor, position-SS school-Jefferson High School age-18.
Round 14, pick 440: Daniel Keefe, position-RHP college-Florida age-21.
Round 15, pick 470: Bryan Shields, position-CF college-Florida age-21.
Round 16, pick 500: Keenyn Walker, position-CF school-Utah High School UT age-18.
Round 17, pick 530: Barrett Dail, position-RHP college-North Carolina age-21.
Round 18, pick 560: Matthew Williams, position-catcher college-Duke age-22.
Round 19, pick 590: Sergio Burruel, position-catcher school-Arizona age-17.
Round 20, pick 620: Eric Erickson, position-LHP college-Miami age-21.
Round 21, pick 650: Greg Rohan, position-1B college-Ohio age-23.
Round 22, pick 680: Derrick Fitzgerald, position-2B college-Virginia age-20.
Round 23, pick 710: Jeffrey Pruitt, position-CF college-California age-21.
Round 24, pick 740: Gerardo Esquivel, position-RHP school-Illinois age-18.
Round 25, pick 770: Justin Bour, position-1B college-Virginia age-21.
Round 26, pick 800: Stephen Grife, position-RHP college-Ohio age-22.
Round 27, pick 830: Corey martin, position-RHP college-North Carolina age-22.
Round 28, pick 860: Jordan Petraitis, position-3B college-Ohio age-22.
Round 29, pick 890: Timothy Clubb, position-RHP college-Missouri age-22.
Round 30, pick 920: Daniel Sheppard, position-catcher school-Downers Grove age-18.
Round 31, pick 950: Andrew Clark, position-1B college-Indiana age-21.
Round 32, pick 980: Kenneth McNutt, position-RHP college Alabama age-19.
Round 33, pick 1010: John Lambert, position-LHP college-Florida age-21.
Round 34, pick 1040: Joesph Varner, position-RHP college-Texas age-21.
Round 35, pick 1070: Kevin David, position-catcher college Los Angeles age-21.
Round 36, pick 1100: Brandon May, position-2B college-Georgia age-21.
Round 37, pick 1130: Peter Mooney, position-SS college-Florida age-19.
Round 38, pick 1160: Robert Wagner, position-3B, college-Panola age-22.
Round 39, pick 1190: Nicholas Struck, position-RHP college-Oregon age-20.
Round 40, pick 1220: Eric Whaley, position-RHP school Florida age-18.
Round 41, pick 1250: Jacob Schmidt, position-RHP school-Minnesota age-22
Round 42, pick 1280: Trey Ford, position-SS school-Arizona age-18.
Round 43, pick 1310: Colin Kaepernick, position-RHP college-Ohio age-21.
Round 44, pick 1340: Frank Dijiulio, position-RHP college-Florida age-19.
Round 45, pick 1370: Addison Dunn, position-RHP school-Warren Area HS age-18.
Round 46, pick 1400: Glenn Cook, position-CF college-Miami age-24.
Round 47, pick 1430: Joseph Jocketty, position-3B school-Montana age-18.
Round 48, pick 1460: John Massham, position-RHP school-Illinois age-18.
Round 49, pick 1490: Christian Segar, position-CF school-New Jersey age-18.
Round 50, pick 1520: Zachary Cleveland, position-RHP college-Colorado age-20

Positions the Cubs drafted:

I say the Cubs did pretty good on the draft for being towards the bottom of the draft. I say 6-10 players will make the MLB and 2-4 players be in the MLB in 2-3 years.