When it Rains it poors on the North Side of Chicago!!

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As Big Z returns to his spot in the rotation pitching in Petco Park where he has been successful going 6-1 their on the mound in Sandiego. Tonights Job is a tad more rough pitching against the recent media frenzy hard throwing Jake Peavy.

The Cubs will use Randy Wells to fill Rich Hardens spot in the rotation and I'm assuming both Marshall and Wells would and could help the bullpen if needed. This may be a trigger for Lou Pinella to have Hendry call up Jeff Stevens to help in this fragile Bullpen.

Some or most Cubs Critics and fans were optimistic of the Cubs sailing threw this central division here in the NL. The Cubs now 4 back behind the raging Brewers are hoping they can play stride for stride with Milwaukee and the St Louis Cardinals. Between pitching concerns out of the bull pen and ongoing injuries elsewhere on this team one would just hope someone would take hold of this team and be the back bone of the cubs playing well at all positions and scrapping for Wins any way they can.

With 1/4 of the season completed it has been a rocky playing field anyway you see it for the Chicago Cubs.With still 123 games to play there is little to panic for as Chicago is going to come together and overall start to click with more consistency. The Cubs are rite behind the cards 2 games back for the lead in the NL wild card if your interested.

Let's hope the revamped lineup Lou has threaten to play will ignite this rosters bats into tonights game 1 with Sandiego and have positive results.

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Phil Gialluisi
Cubs Fanatic