Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated talk on Peavy this morning

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Most Fans are either excited, tired or just are really wondering what will Jake Peavy do this season or beyond that.

Listening To Jon talk about the whole White Sox fiasco and them trying to land Peavy , it came to the surface once again that Mr. Peavy obviously wants the NL and the Cubs. Jake uses the same agent as Mark grace and Rick S. did. With that being said Jake has complete control on where he would like to play period. Many cub fans would hope know that Jake has a sweet spot for the North Side.

Cub Fans hold on as Hendry quoted to Mr Heyman that he is more worried about they're hitting vs. pitching. Jim, where did this come from as this rotation is something to be concerned about with Harden going down this early in the season. Zambrano has his issues even though many keep this quite. Zambrano was out with a Hamstring issue however the Cubs in my opinion are trying to protect the Aces arm and did this with his being on the DL for 3 weeks. Zambrano is now in addition talking about knee issues.

Jim Hendry, we all want what best for this team and since you're spending the money to help win a World Series, why not go and get peavy for the next many years to help with tihs pitching staff. This cubs rotation has some pitching issues.....don't lose Peavy as he is basically telling you hey I'm here just come and get me..

So stay tuned !! Regardless what the media claims and Hendry they're completley in denial. For the Chicago Cubs without Peavy there is no Championship let alone future. At the end of this 09 season will Harden resign with the cubs or will the cubs resign him ? This cubs pitching staff is not young so again by losing Peavy much is being said about the future of the Cubbies.