INTERNATIONAL SCOUTING...specifically Latin American

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I came across a decent article about the Cardinals going after this young 16 yr old Domincan OF named Wagner Mateo:

Please take the time to look at the YouTube video of the guy....He looks like a stud prospect.

Anyhow, with news that they were going after a big time guy, and were supposedly in the running for the highly touted Miguel Sano, I began wondering if we were neglecting our Latin scouting in favor of the Far East, where we've signed the Korean shortstop Hak Ju-Lee, or Rhee, or Chen, and the Fukudome signing....We churned out such nice ones before pitching-wise with Zambrano, Guzman, Cruz, Marmol, etc., I began wondering what the heck we're doing over there, not signing big time prospects.

Sure, we signed Felix Pie, but it was rumored that he was so raw that the scout had to teach him everything about baseball, and had him run on the beach with a tire attached to his waist. I know there's a tremendous amount of under-handedness that goes into the signing of players in Latin America (the Nationals with the skimming of bonuses is a classic example), but why are we going after the likes of Pie, and not the likes of a Sano, or Wagner Mateo?

Does anyone know? Here's really all I could find:

I just want some power bats in our minor league system, and it seems like we have absolutely none, except for Vitters.