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No, this has nothing to do with beer, but the same embarrassment of too much Bud light at work has become synonymous with Cubs batters.

Hittability. Read it "Hit-ability." I came up with this term five days ago, when our team was on a two-game losing streak. Well, now we are on 6.

Good pitching, sure we got it. Solid defense? Enough to support the guys on the mound. Running the bases? A few errors, but I can live with it if only... They hit.

The magic 6. It's a week of games. That's 4% of a big league season (1 out of 25 weeks). Can Cubbies really not see the ball and put it in play?

I'm not saying Derrek Lee is not hitting. I'm not saying Fukudome is not hitting. Hell, I'm not even saying Rich Harden is not jumping on the ball (he can hit and run, by the way). Hittability is a collective effort. It's a team performance. It's the fundamental 101 of surviving for a professional baseball team, as the Cubs are.

What is going on recently with Cubbie hittability? The last 7 days? A week of 6 losses?

We are batting .189/.246/.265. To sum this up, the Cubs in the last 6 games garnered an OPS of 512 = Last in the Major League, out of 30 teams. You are reading this right: We are below the Giants, and even below the Padres.

Cubs lost the hittability.

Perhaps we can blame all on some poor plate discipline during this week of losses. The Cubs only walked 12 times the past 7 days, last in the Major League. Worse of worst, 9 extra base-hit, tied last with three other teams.

We got no intentional walks. When a team is without hittability, no opposing pitchers would need to walk any of the Cubs. Without hittability, you can't drive the ball, can't put the ball on play, can't put pressure on his mound.

And this also put the Cubs down to the bottom third of the National League, with an Ops of 729 the whole season. That's counting in Zambrano and ARam when they were healthy two weeks ago.

Hittability. Maybe we just need the magic touch with a Cubbie at the plate: Holding some beer can on one hand, and open up a hole on the field. Or else... keep walking. Like the Cardinals do, a low hitting team. They know as long as they put more man on base, add some chance of scoring, then the longball will carry itself.

That's also Hittability. And the Cubs hitting coach and scouting report need to figure out what's an alternative game plan.