Getting this roster winning for the road !!

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Simply these Cub have shown some signs of life these last few games. The Cubs aren't anywhere close of playing in the same success as home as they do away from Wrigley Field. For teams to be a championship team it's most certain that those major league teams whom can't perform on the road simply don't win a World Series.

For the Cubs with this series they're in against the LA Dodgers whom not only lead the Western division in the NL, this club swept the Cubbies in 3 straight this last October.
We have seen a few roster changes with Jake Fox coming up along with the recall of Bobby Scales whom both mind you have contributed this series. Our third base weakness with the bat can be corrected with Jake Fox whom has been working with the third base coach of the Cubs in taking some ground balls. The questions still remains can Jake Fox still play reasonable defense ? With that said if Jake can play the field and produce as he did and continue pounding the ball Things will change for this team on the road and at home in a great way.

The next step is too hit with confidence on the road and winning by just a few runs might be a worry but instead winning by 4 or more would show confidence and victories.

Finally, The Dodgers with a great roster have shown their weakness on the road and against teams outside their division. The Cubs have lead the NL in quality pitching starts and with the addition of Randy Wells in the rotation and Shawn Marshall going to the Pen to be our left handed pitcher the Cubs chance of finishing games where 2 runs or less is much greater. Now with a 9 game road trip coming up Beginning Tuesday in Atlanta let's hope this is the start of good wins on the road.

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