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Hey everyone! I just wanted to point out a little app that will auto-refresh the CCO web page. I remember reading one of the blogs and someone asked Neil if he could get the page to auto-refresh. And whatever reason, it's not possible. I found this little utility called Auto Refresh 1.0 and it does just that. In a nut shell, it opens up a "mini-browser" that will refresh the web page as often as you like. You simply pop in the URL to the CCO site and set the refresh rate. ONE caveat is that it refreshes no matter what. I found this out halfway through a post and the screen refreshed on me. So, I would advise someone like Aaron - who's posts a lengthy but informative - to see the refresh rate real high, or disable it while posting. But it's particularly useful during games when new posts pop up, as it seems, every couple of seconds.

This is a FREE app, BTW..

Here's the link...

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