WBC Marmol Trax 2 (fin)

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The last time I talked about Carlos Marmol pitching all out for his country:

And after his relatively short trip in the Classic, I expected Marmol to pitch this weekend at Hohokam--and he is. This is a good time to go through his pitch sequence of his latest game. We can compare how he did in his first game Dominicana earlier, and observe if he progresses as we head closer towards opening day.

I'll wrap up and throw in 2 cents after the pitches.

Therefore, without further ado...


WBC game 16 DOM vs NED, 11th, bottom, Carlos Marmol replaces Marte (LHP, Tigers minor) to close with a 1-run lead.

Batter by batter:

*batter info. and 2008 performance may be briefly mentioned
**FB = fastball, SL = slider, followed by location of the pitch, then the result (count or play event)
***GO = groundball out, FO = flyball out


- De Jong (catcher, PH, replaced catcher Jansen)
pitch 1 - FB outside, 1-0
2 - FB mid-inside, 2B-hit on the wall

- Smith (PH, RHB, Cardinals minor, league MVP)
1 - slider high, 1-0, pitching coach on the mound
2 - FB middle, swing foul , 1-1
3 - FB outside high, swing foul , 1-2
4 - SL middle, GO, runner advances to 3B, 1 out

- Kingsale (CF, LHB, leadoff of the game)
1 - FB inside, batter backs off, 1-0
2 - SL down inside, swing miss, 1-1
3 - FB down middle, swing miss, 1-2
4 - FB away, 2-2
5 - FB middle, swing foul, 2-2
6 - SL hanging inside middle, hit to front of CF, scores, game ties

- Alou (2B, RF, RHB)
1 - throw to 1B error, runner on 1B advances to 3B
2 - SL middle, no swing, 0-1
3 - SL away, swing miss, 0-2
4 - SL(?) high, 1-2
5 - SL away, K, 2 outs

- Simon (1B, LHB)
1 - IBB, man on 1B and 3B

- De Caster (cleanup)
1 - ?, 1-0
2 - FB, swing foul, 1-1
3 - SL, 2-1
4 - SL away, 3-1
5 - FB middle, 3-2
6 - FB away, grounder along 1B line, hit, scores, game ends


Apparently, Carlos wasn't in his groove this appearance. And he has no excuse to fail closing this game since he faced the same batters in his first WBC game against this same team.

Marmol's shoulder looked tight when he pitched to Smith and Kingsale. He tried to loosen it up later on, but I think he still overthrew. He probably lowered his arm angle a bit too much, little things.

His velocity seemed to rise compared to his last game. That's a good sign. But he doesn't have the control on most pitches, unlike his last game. He tried to overcome this by blowing fastball through the batters (thus all the strikes with FB), but he lost touch on his slider (what dominated the last game), and batters just let it go.

In general, I found Marmol less than ready for the season, yet. But with 3 weeks still ahead for spring training, we want to see how he progresses.

Keep you watching eye on this amazing talent.