My personal take on the recent steroid revelations...

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I had a long talk with a friend of mine last night about baseball. He asked what I thought of the steroid stuff and I told him how I felt. He agreed, obviously...but even if he would have disagreed I think he would have seen it mine way by the end of my tirade...I was pretty fired up. I am disgusted by guys like Tim Kurkjian who say some of these guys may still make the Hall and will get his vote. I guess I'm not so disgusted by his comment, but more so by his reasoning. He said if it comes to light that around 75% of the players at the time were using PEDs, then there really was no advantage and we should evaluate the players against each other, opposed to evaluating them against other players from past eras. First of all, what kind of logic is that?! So everyone was cheating, it was typical, so it's okay? It's disturbing someone like him, who knows so much about the game and claims to love it would say something like that. Along the same lines, it doesn't matter if 10 people are doing it or 10,000,000, if it's wrong and illegal (not just by baseball, but US Law and by the standards of integrity and competition) it's still wrong. The number of people doing it does not justify it's "right". It's a shame that kind of logic is being used by people with a vote and a guy like Pete Rose who never took anything to "enhance" his on the field performance and stats is left out. Also, what about the guys who weren't using during this "steroid era"? Not only were guys left out of baseball because they weren't putting up power numbers comparable to players of their position or maybe they didn't "look the part", BUT now guys who WERE in baseball and were playing clean may be kept out of the Hall because they now too will be evaluated and compared to standards set by cheaters. I am pissed at that woman for digging around in closets she had no business digging in. I am pissed the fact that A-Rod (I'm not a huge fan of his by any means) is on the mountain by himself and the other 103 names are left to our imagination. But most of all I hate the fact that we are going to be forced to paint that era with a broad brush because those names can't, well...they shouldn't be released. If they are, then no one will ever believe in anonymity ever again, with good reason. The Feds really had no business confiscating ALL the information. If they were looking to prosecute a couple guys for lying to congress, that's fine, they can have the sample and results of those guys only, not the entire list. And for those names (only one so far) and results to be leaked?? Come on, some heads have got to roll. That can't happen. Worst of all, some people are now trying to blame US as fans for supporting baseball through all of this. To those people I am at a loss for words. To me, baseball is more than just a game. It really is almost an obsession or religion. I know it is held to higher standards by the American public, and it should be, we invented it and it's the greatest game ever...period. But to blame fans for the steroid era and say we turned a blind eye to it is just ridiculous. At it's core, baseball is still the same game. Sure, there was and maybe still is a big reliance on power hitting and power pitching to win, but that philosophy is nothing new! Steroids didn't make that happen. Hell, Earl Weaver was using that strategy back in the 60's to the mid 80's. He loved power pitching and played for the 3-run homer and won a lot of games! There are a lot of philosophies about the game and that's what makes it great! On any given day the worst team can beat the best team, sometimes by shear luck. Any guy of any size can play the game. It's like I've said before, baseball is by no means an athletic event, such as track and field, it's a game of pure skill and instincts. Fat guys, skinny guys, tall guys, short guys...all of them can be good at baseball. Baseball's at it's core never changed. It wasn't really until '98, when a couple of guys who not only looked like comic book characters but were also looked up to like comic book characters went off to put on a show we'll never forget, that the thought of steroids was really even in the casual fan's mind. I can most certainly claim ignorance, I was only 14 and had no idea about steroids. But, to be quite honest, steroids along with the summer of Big Mac and Sammy, may have actually "saved" baseball and brought it back into the mainstream. Even people who weren't avid watchers of the game were compelled to look at the ticker to see if Sammy or Mark went yard. It brought the masses back to the game. I am not condoning the use by any means, I'm just stating a fact. After the strike, a lot of people were turned off by baseball and that summer really helped bring interest back... Either way, whatever...that's beside the point. My point is that Selina Roberts' article, her "revelation", is going to keep steroid talk in baseball for the next 20-25 years. Every time A-Rod breaks a record, or reaches a milestone we'll hear about it. When he retires in about 10-15 years we'll hear about it. When he's up for the HoF, we'll hear about it..............This didn't help the game. She should not be celebrated for this article. As much as I want to know who the other names were, I'm just as uninterested. I'd like to move on, without labels (steroid era, Barr-oid, A-Roid, etc) and watch baseball. We have to remember that without these guys taking the so called "confidential survey" in the first place, there would not be the testing and policies we have today. Without the testing we'd probably be seeing the same skewed numbers and hulking players. Those 103 guys plus A-Rod did the game a disservice by using steroids, no doubt, but they went on to help bring the game back by testing positive...her article...and the idea of exhuming skeletons from closets, didn't.