Fukudome to be traded?

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As I look at the the cubs 40 man roster and try to determine who will make the 25 man cut I began to ponder where does Kosuke Fukudome fit in? Obviously, Bradley will see the bulk of the playing time in RF. We all know the Alfonso Soriano, like it or not is a fixture in LF. Reed Johnson IMHO provides the best defense in CF but he will mosty play against left handers. There also has been a lot of attention made to new cub,Joey Gathright, and his blazing speed. With all of this in mind, does Jim Hendry want to keep a 12 million dollar man as a part time player? Don't get me wrong, I am not ready to give up on Fukudome. He is a gold glove caliber defender in RF, he runs the bases well and despite his mild batting average last year he manged to get on base at a decent clip. Obviously, he needs to hit and hit well and soon. The past two weeks we have said goodbye to some players ( Cedeno, Pie, Olson) that were rumored to be involved in trades that would bring in Brian Roberts or Jake Peavy. In regards to Peavy it is on record that he wants to be a Cub and he can veto almost any trade. The Padres are on record that they need to shed payroll, it's no secret they have tried to move him. In these dire economic times taking on an entire contract isn't a wise decision. However, if you can offset the balance you can possibly swing a feasible deal. I know Fukudome has a no trade contract but i don't think that he came all they way here from Japan to be a part time player. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if he is traded.