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I posted this under the MEET MILTON post, but I thought it'd be interesting to flesh out our line-up cards under one thread, now that MB's here. Here's my plan again: a proper old school line-up, going from last years numbers. THERIOT ss (R) FUKUDOME/JOHNSON cf (L/R) SORIANO lf (R) RAMIREZ 3b (R) BRADLEY rf (L/R) SOTO c (R) D-LEE 1b (R) FONTENOT/MILES 2b (L/L/R) ZAMBRANO p (L/R) Over the long haul of the season Theriot and Johnson will prove to be the best in-house leadoff options. Sorry, but soriano has to grin and bear it. He's got to adjust. Besides, he'll see more fastballs in the 3-hole in front of Ramirez, turning him into an RBI machine. All those long fly-outs might actually generate some sacrifice runs. Having Fontenot and Miles in the 8-hole provides good consistent hitting for RBIs if there's men on, or can restart the line-up to begin an inning, using the pitcher to sacrifice them over. On paper, it really has everything: above-average speed, good plate discipline, and a power surge 3 through 6. Also, you can flip the 2 and 7 holes in this line-up depending on who's hot, LEE or FUKUDOME/JOHNSON.