The Case for Adam Dunn..

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You read it right. I'm making a case for the Cubs to sign Adam Dunn. And here's why.

He is 29. He has lots of years left in those muscles.

Granted he has pretty bad defense, but so does Milton Bradley and new Phillie Raul Ibanez. And Dunn's 95-110 RBIs and 40 HRs have to offset that a little.

The man is an OBP machine putting up a .380 in most of his seasons with the Red and the D-backs. I'm willing to bet those numbers will even go up surrounded by Ramirez, Soto and Co.

I know, I know he has hit in the Great American Launching Pad for most of his career but the man has proven he can hit in Wrigley. (Aaron I believe you had the numbers once..)

His defense won't be a factor in key points of the game when we can easily insert Reed or Fuku in for him late in the game.

I have other points to argue with to but I'll use them in the comments after I receive some feedback...What do you think?