Is MLB Finally Calling Boras's Bluffing Ways?

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Newsflash on
12/23 "Hal says no contract offer on Manny/Texeira"
12/21 "Angels pull contract offer for Texeira off the Table"
Last Week: "Red Sox no longer in running for Texeira"

When in the free agency period have you seen the "have" teams in the middle of a pursuit of a premier free agent make public announcements about pulling out?

I don't recall ever seeing this.

I am going to date myself here...The first Cubs game I went to with a friend and paid for...
I paid $1.50 for a grandstand seat...bleacher seats could be had for the same price...
circa 1970. From the mid- 70's to @ 2001...I averaged 18 Cubs games and 6 Sox games
per year when I lived in Chicagoland. (There were years when I lived in Boston and Kansas City) but the fact is I've always been an avid baseball fan. Now I average 1-5
games per year...and it is because of the expense.

While MLB Owners, Players Union...and plain old greed come into play...I have long held that Scott Boras and his tactics is the fans single worst enemy in driving up the cost of going to a getting Texas to bid against itself on the ARod contract. a U.S. Citizen...I do believe in being compensated what one is worth...and what the market will bear. BUT as a baseball fan...I hate long term guaranteed contracts that pay a player mega money long after his skills have declined. (See the Soriano deal),

A ballplayers skills generally peak between ages 30-34. (Operative word is generally).
(Soriano's deal runs until he is 39). Scott Boras is the architect of the long term mega deal that is almost guaranteed to find a team paying the most for a player when his skills are in their deepest decline...or paying the bulk of a contract for a player no longer
on their team.

It is a major problem for baseball...where in the non-baseball world do you see someone getting paid millions NOT to contribute to their original employer?

The Angels.Red Sox, Yankees...all playoff teams with deep pockets...saying they are not
going to play??? I am not naive enough to think that Texeira won't sign with any of those three for a huge contract.

But I applaud all three for publicly letting the Nats/Orioles and Scott Boras know that it is a new world out there...and his mode of holding everyone up is pissing off all of baseball...including the fans that end up footing the bill.

All comments are welcome!!!
-Suzy S.

Everything has gone up respectively since then...but baseball tickets have priced themselves out of the stratosphere.