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If I were Hendry, I'd have Huntington on speed dial right now. I would be offering: Marshall, Cedeno (as they're trying to trade Wilson), Pie (to give them until McCutcheon is ready), Atkins, and maybe even Hoffpauir (though, he's valuable as a replacement for Lee and pinch hitter)

The Pirates did a similar thing with ARAM I believe, and subsequently traded him to the Cubs, though he was under team control. I think they realize that McLouth's value may never be higher than it is now, and given the fact that extension talks are all but dead, it might be worth a call, wouldn't it? I know many on here would love it. Wasn't it JimK who was always wanting McLouth?

Too bad we didn't hang onto Veal, because, obviously the Pirates wanted him. Right now, I think those are the biggest assets we have to trade that would interest a team like the Pirates. Maybe guys like Tony Thomas, Colvin, etc. might interest them as well, though Thomas did horribly in winter ball and Colvin is coming of TJ surgery, so who knows what we could offer.

All I know is:
-he's 26
-Hendry had interest in him before
-he hit 26 hr, 94 RBI, .276 avg, .356 OBP, 65 walks, 93 K's
-most importantly, he had 23 steals in 26 attempts
-he also had 46 doubles, and 113 runs scored on a horrible team
-he is a Gold Glover, and only made one error last year in CF

I would be more inclined to trade the proverbial "farm" for this guy than I would for Peavy. Pitchers are frequently injured, so it's a crapshoot when you sign/trade for them, whereas young position players like McLouth, you know what you're getting, and barring a freak injury, you'll get them for 162 games, which is worth FAR more than 30 starts from a pitcher, isn't it?

If I were Hendry, I'd give a list like this: Marshall, Cedeno, Colvin, Hill, Jay Jackson, Caridad, Thomas, Atkins, McDaniel, and Theriot, and tell them to pick four of those guys, but they can have only one of Cedeno vs Theriot. If necessary, I'd include Vitters and/or Flaherty, but only if it included expanding the deal with them to include McLouth and another one of their prospects.