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One week from today (Monday December 8) we will find out if our beloved Ron Santo will be enshrined into the Hall of Fame by the Veteran's Committee. I truly believe this is his year and hope that comes true. Santo is TRULY a deserving player....and person! I love hearing his radio broadcasts when I can. The love he has for the team is second to none. I will probably shed a tear when it is announced. I truly want this for him.

Later in the week (Friday December 12) we will find out who is being elected into the Hall of Fame off of this years ballot. Rickey Henderson is pretty much a shoe-in. But, will this be the year that former Cub Lee Smith makes it? Now that Gossage and Sutter have made it, could it be Lee's turn? I believe he is deserving of it. He was, until recently, the all time saves leader. That in and of itself makes him deserving. How about former Cub Andre Dawson? The Hawk has missed a few years in a row now. Then there is newcomer Mark Grace. Gracie had the most hits during the decade of 1990, but will that be enough?