A question (or 2) on "Veteran" Dempster

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We've talked about the beneficiary of Peavy's contract and his no-trade clause since, umm, whenever GM Tower overcooked the rumor mill...

But I've been wondering, if somebody can help me out here... Doesn't our Caray-impersonator of Ryan Dempster have some kind of no-trade clause as well?

It's something called "veteran's consent," I believe. From what I understand is that after a major league player signed as a FREE AGENT, and reached his FIFTH year of professional service, in the SAME TEAM, he'll be qualified as a "veteran" and has a full say on being traded or not.

Therefore, after signed with our Cubs since 2006, and again signed for another 4-year, Dempster will be with the Cubs for more than 5 years after the season of 2010.

That being said, will his veteran's no-trade clause kick in after 2010? or since he signed for that period of 5yr service with the Cubs, the club cannot move him since day 1 from now on?

(I'm actually wondering about the same thing with Albert Pujols, who has a really long contract from 2004-2011... He should satisfy all the qualification of veteran's right of no-trade by 2011, after serving the Cards for 5 out of his free agent years.)