Other Possible Free Agents??

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With the continued dialogue on the CCO about potential players for the Cubs to acquire, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at "potential" free agents as we approach another MLB deadline.

Teams must offer arbitration to eligible players by December 12th. Attached is a list from Cot's Contracts that lists eligible players team by team. Though most of these players will be offered arbitration, there will be a few suprise names to not be offered and thus become free agents.

**Note: Existing Free Agents may also be offered arbitration, but they must be offered it by December 1st in order to receive draft pick compensation if the player signs elsewhere. If any free agents are offered arbitration, he must accept by December 7th. Could we see Kerry offered and accept arbitration by then??

Also keep in mind the winter meetings are December 8-11 in Las Vegas....could be the start of trading activity out there.....

2009 Free Agents from Cot's Contracts

2009 Arbitration Eligible from Cot's Contracts