Cubs AND Braves may lose out on Peavy

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From The San Diego Union Tribune:

The Padres have been unable to line up a suitable trade with one of Jake Peavy's preferred teams and now may turn to another club in an attempt to move Peavy's four-year, $63 million guarantee.
"We've had advanced discussions with the Cubs and Braves, which are Jake's priority teams," General Manager Kevin Towers said Thursday night, "but at this point in time, I do not see a potential deal with either club."
The Yankees and Angels could be next in line. At season's end, Peavy said he doesn't want to go to an American League team, but during the GM meetings at Dana Point last week, Towers said Peavy might be open to going to the Yankees and Angels.
If the Yankees and Angels become viable trade partners, Towers' leverage would increase, but because Peavy's consent is needed for a trade, that leverage is contingent on Peavy reversing his position. Barry Axelrod, Peavy's agent, gave no indication Thursday night that Peavy suddenly has become excited about going to the AL, but he did not rule it out.