When that Red Flag Flies...

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Good morning, Chicago.

I'm very excited to have a community place like this. A big---*hug* for Neil of fostering this creative digest.


The Phillies just won it all, and after that rain-delayed, thank-you Bud-Selig for-bashing-the-weatherman, game 5, who else, but Ken Rosenthal from FOX, knows how to entertain us. He asked the Perfect Man, Phillies closer Brad Lidge:

"You had struggled in your past postseason. How is this a redemption?"

Well, Ken was refering to 2005, when the then-Astros closer gave up that 3-runs monstrous blast to Prince Albert (Pujols), making Lidge the losing pitcher, and worse, a struggle from then on.

Lidge lost 3 games and blew a save since that Pujols homer, giving up 2 more losing runs in 3 innings against the Chicago White* Sox in the World Series that year. It makes his 42 out of 46 save opportunities, 13.12 K/9 (103 strikeouts in 70.2 innings) of that season looked like blown with the wind. Mind you, Lidge accomplished the historical feat of most strikeouts by a NL relief pitcher, 157 K in 94.2 innings, the year before (2004, the year Boston broke that curse, and the Cards, oh well...). He's supposed to be good.

This year, the comeback star of the East pitched 69.1 innings, and a marvelous 41 saves out of 41, 100%! That is in addition to his postseason 9 games appearance, 7 out of 7 saves, and 1 earned run, with 13 strikeouts and 3 walks (4.33 K/BB).

Lidge has truly become Mr. Perfect.

So, what is Lidge thinking now? He yelled back to Rosenthal (in a nice way):

"Who cares about that crap!"

Maybe it's just time for me to repeat that--the sell of the club? no appearance since World War II? Steve Bartman? the Goat? 2 consecutive sweeps? that Daily Show which mocks me "stupid"?--

Who cares about that crap!


*I'm wondering if the color really makes a difference when it comes to a World Series appearance in modern baseball. Now, the "White Sox" actually wears black as their true faith. That's not the brightest of teams, but it sure works well that year.

So now, can we make sense of a pattern, maybe? see if there are any symbolic team colors of recent World Series appearance? Let's see what happens since Bud Selig divided us to 3...

1994 - strike, colorless
1995 - Braves (red) over Indians (red)
1996 - Yanks (pink or white) over Braves (red)
1997 - Marlins (green) over Indians (red)
1998 - Yanks (white) over Padres (indigo)
1999 - Yanks (white) over Braves (red)
2000 - Yanks (white) over Mets (orange)
2001 - DBacks (red) over Yanks (white)
2002 - Angels (red) over Giants (orange)
2003 - Marlins (green) over Yanks (white)
2004 - Red Sox (red) over Cards (red)
2005 - White Sox (black) over Astros (red)
2006 - Cards (red) over Tigers (orange)
2007 - Red Sox (red) over Rockes (indigo)
2008 - Phillies (red) over Rays (blue, somehow)

Whew, what do we get now? 1 black, 2 green, 2 indigos, 3 oranges, 6 pinky white, and 13 reds!

That's almost 50% red! In fact, 7 reds won them all in the last 14 World Series. That's another half of the spectrum all over baseball.

And blue? One, or sort of one, or is it one-third? I mean, the Rays is like partly yellow (sunshine), partly green (inheriting that Devil Rays symbol), so I dunno. What is it? I'll call it the "down that violet line."

But red, oh my red, is like the guaranteed color of winning it deep. Is that a coincidence? or maybe I need to suggest the new owner get rid of that Cubbie Blue? maybe add some yellow or turn it red-ish?

I dunno, but when people say I'm blue, I'm not too happy, right?

The Faithfuls won't mind an alternative away jersey of red, or will we?

by Dorasaga