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Well, so much for trade scenarios involving Tyler Colvin. As many of you know, Colvin was pulled from AFL action this past week with elbow discomfort.

Evidently, the elbow has been bothering him all season (side note: I am hoping this is why he was so dreadful this season). Reports have stated that he underwent Tommy John surgery today, and that he should be ready for the start of next season.

Some of you might know of other position players that have underwent the surgery, including Tony Womack when we had him in 2003. The recovery time for position players is significantly less, and by having it now, it essentially gives him 6 months to recover. Pitchers normally take anywhere from 8-12 months to recover from TJ surgery.

Let's all hope that Colvin sucked this year because of the elbow issues, and wish him luck on his recovery.