ChicagoCubsOnline Comment and Posting Policy

The CCO believes in the fundamentals of the game, a good change-up, a power arm, going from first to third on a single to right, a rising fastball, hitting behind the runner, the sacrifice fly and that the ramblings of Joe Morgan are self-indulgent and overrated.

The CCO believes in treating all posters and commenters with dignity and respect. The CCO believes in original thoughts and content and if a source is used, not to post the entire article because it’s unconstitutional (and violates copyright laws). The CCO believes in typing in upper and lower case, because typing in all caps might convey the wrong message on the Internet.

The CCO believes in hitting off a tee, long toss, Opening Day and not Opening Night and the grind of a long season helps make baseball the greatest game ever invented.

And with a hat tip to Ron Shelton for the inspiration, here is the commenting policy:

  • Inappropriate language, attacking or insulting another poster or author, insults, name calling and nicknames meant in a hateful manner are not allowed.
  • Baiting another commenter/poster or basically trying to create an argument is not allowed.
  • Trolling, promoting another site or posting a link with inappropriate content is not allowed.
  • ChicagoCubsOnline Comment and Posting Policy is subjective and will be enforced at the administrator’s discretion. Those commenters/posters that are unable to follow the rules will be blocked from leaving future comments on the site.

If anyone sees a violation of the policy is welcome to contact the CCO – [email protected]