Wrigley Field Restoration Update: Negotiations Break Down Between Cubs and Rooftops

The first part of the week has not gone the Cubs way. After the news surfaced the Cubs lost out on their off-season target to the Yankees, the Sun-Times reported the talks between the Cubs and the rooftop club owners broke off on Tuesday and the dispute will likely be settled in court. The Cubs […]

Day Two of the 2014 Cubs Convention: Ricketts Family Forum

Saturday at the Cubs Convention is filled with autograph sessions and of course wall-to-wall information. That is if one takes the time to listen. The second day of the convention is one informative session after the other where the fans can ask questions to the owners, front office and coaching staff. The second day of […]

Rambling About the Cubs While Waiting For Something, Anything

Hello again, everybody. It has been awhile since I have filled your Friday with free factoids, phenomenal fun and fruitful fanaticism. Man, I love Phonics. Now that I have gotten the alliteration out of the way, it is time to talk about the Cubs, the Winter Meetings, the huge Ruggiano pickup, and … well … […]

Wrigley Field Restoration Update: City Council Approves Changes to Wrigley Plan

The Chicago City Council approved the changes to the Cubs’ plan to Restore Wrigley Field on Wednesday and both Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Ald. Tom Tunney demanded the Cubs begin the project. The Cubs received approval on the latest “tweaks” to the Wrigley Field project that included more flexibility on scheduling night games, the branding […]

Wrigley Field Restoration Update: Cubs Receive Approval to Move Wrigley’s Footprint

With the Cubs’ brass, including Tom Ricketts, in Orlando on Tuesday, the team received good news on the Wrigley Field Restoration front. According to a report from Danny Ecker, “tweaks to the Chicago Cubs renovation plan advanced through their final City Council committee approval.” The plan will go in front of the full City Council […]

Wrigley Field Restoration Update: Cubs Receive Approval on Branding Arch and Expanding Footprint

The Cubs received approval on the new branding arch and expanding the footprint of Wrigley Field by the City Council Zoning Committee on Thursday. The Cubs moved closer to beginning the restoration project on Thursday when the zoning committee gave the team the approval to move the outer wall of the park 25 feet closer […]

Cubs Could Reportedly Challenge the Yankees for Masahiro Tanaka

Jed Hoyer said nearly a month ago the Cubs would be involved in the bidding process for Japanese right hander Masahiro Tanaka. The Cubs have done their homework on Tanaka and are very interested in signing him. No one expects the Yankees to be outbid for the right to negotiate a deal with Tanaka, if […]

Wrigley Field Restoration Update: Tunney Introduces Ordinance to Allow Alcohol Sales in Wrigley Plaza

According to reports from the Sun-Times and Crain’s Chicago Business, Alderman Tom Tunney introduced an ordinance on Tuesday that would allow the Cubs to sell alcohol in the proposed Wrigley Field Plaza. The ordinance would allow not only allow the Cubs to sell beer and wine outside of Wrigley but the Bears and White Sox […]

Wrigley Field Restoration Update: Chicago Plan Commission Approves Branding Arch, Changes to Wrigley Plan

The Chicago Pan Commission approved changes to the Wrigley Field restoration plan on Thursday and one of the tweaks includes a branding bridge over Clark Street between Patterson and Addison Streets. The Cubs inched closer to beginning the restoration project but will need approval from the City Council Zoning Committee and the full City Council […]

Wrigley Field Restoration Update: Cubs Receive Property Tax Break, Permission to Move Wrigley Footprint

According to a report from Fran Spielman, the City Council’s Finance Committee authorized a Class L property tax break for Wrigley Field on Tuesday. The property tax break could save the Cubs “$8.5 million over 12 years if and when the landmark stadium is finally renovated.” The Sun-Times report put Wrigley’s current value at $19.2 […]