The Daily CCO: No Designated Hitter in the NL for Foreseeable Future and Cubs News

Monday was the one-year anniversary of Rob Manfred becoming MLB’s Commissioner. Fitting the Year of the Rookie was Manfred’s first on the job. After saying last week at the Owners Meetings momentum was gaining for the National League adopting the designated hitter, Manfred told ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick on Monday, “The most likely result on the […]

Wrigley Field Restoration Update: Phase Two of The 1060 Project

Phase Two of The 1060 Project was delayed a couple of weeks with the Cubs playing deep into October for the first time in seven years. The ownership and front office obviously welcomed the delay and would have preferred the project was put on hold even further this off-season. Phase One received rave reviews. The […]

Rambling as the Cubs Play in the Playoffs

Hello again, everybody! And holy cow hello again Major League Baseball Playoffs! Wow, the Cubs take the field in Pittsburgh tonight for their first playoff game since 2008.  Five managers, two general managers, and what seems like decades in between, it’s now time to play baseball in the playoffs. And it is quite a beautiful […]

Rambling about the Cubs While Wondering about the Wild Card Game

Hello again, everybody! And hello again as Ramblings returns to Friday. It’s been a long time coming, but we are back, and we are back with a vengeance hoping to distribute, display and define this definitely delirious day with much more than decent thoughts, feelings and emotions. The Pirates roll into town today, and in […]

Rambling about the Cubs with the Wild Card in Sight

Hello again, everybody. I hope this is a fine Friday for all. The Cubs had a fine trip to St. Louis and proved they can play with the vaunted Cardinals and beat good teams regularly. In fact, they can beat the best team regularly so this should be a good sign for Cubs fans everyone. […]

Cubs Weekend Headlines: More Homers, Rumors and Injury Updates than Wins

It was a rather busy weekend for the Chicago Cubs. From the action on the field to the rumors about which player the front office could select in the first round of the draft and which players the Cubs may be interested in to improve the big league roster, there wasn’t much down time over […]

Wrigley Field Restoration Update: Judge Denies Rooftops Request to Stop Installation of Right Field Video Board

According to a report from the Tribune, U.S. District Judge Virginia Kendall “denied a request by two nearby rooftop businesses for the Cubs to stop installation of their right field video board” on Thursday afternoon. The Tribune explained the ruling “could mean an end to the acrimonious dispute between the team and Skybox on Sheffield […]

Wrigleyville Rooftop Owner Indicted on Fraud Charges

The U.S. Attorney’s Office announced Friday morning federal fraud charges had been filed against Marc Hamid, owner of Skybox on Sheffield, for “under-reporting attendance and revenue” between 2008 and 2011. According to multiple reports, Hamid was indicted “on federal fraud charges for not paying about $600,000 owed to the Cubs as well as state and […]

Cubs Paying Ernie Banks’ Funeral Expenses

The Chicago Cubs handled what could have added to the ongoing court battle over Ernie Banks’ estate. Donnellan Funeral Home filed a claim in court last Wednesday for reportedly more than $35,000 to cover the expenses the funeral home incurred for Ernie Banks’ funeral. The Sun-Times first learned that the Ricketts family and the team […]

Rambling About the Cubs as the Games Have Begun!

Hello again, everybody. It is nice to be back in the saddle with some actual baseball being played. Sure, the outcomes don’t matter, and the spring games really tell us nothing, but baseball is back, and Opening Night is right around the corner. So, lets get down to the BRASS TACKS and going rambling on […]