Wrigley Field Restoration Update: Cubs Expect to Receive Approval from City on Revised Plan

According to a report from the Sun-Times, the Cubs revised plan for Wrigley Field is expected to be on the Landmarks Commission agenda for July 10 and Landmarks will approve the team’s new plan that includes seven outfield signs and two video scoreboards. The Cubs removed the expansion of the proposed bullpen doors and that […]

Wrigley Field Restoration Update: Ald. Tunney and the Neighborhood React to Ricketts Announcement

Ald. Tom Tunney and the Lakeview neighborhood voiced their displeasure with the announcement Tom Ricketts made overnight Thursday that the team was moving forward with the plans to expand, restore and renovate Wrigley Field without an agreement in place with the Wrigleyville Rooftop Association. There is concern among the Alderman and neighborhood that the additions […]

Rambling About the Cubs While Hoping for a New Day

Hello again, everybody. It is just not getting any better. Maybe it will, but it is rough right now. Yes, this is Captain Obvious saying ‘hello.’ There was a legion of fans supporting Tom, Theo and Jed, but that group is winnowing, and the sharks are out in full force now. It’s an interesting conversation […]

Wrigley Field Restoration Update: Selig Sides with Cubs in Battle with the Rooftops

Bud Selig was at Wrigley Field on Wednesday to celebrate one of baseball’s cathedrals turning 100 years old. The Commissioner has a soft spot in his heart for Wrigley Field and he gave his support to the Ricketts family to “do whatever is legally possible” to help the team get the “$300 million ballpark renovation […]

Wrigley Field Restoration Update: Deal Expected Before Monday’s Home Opener

According to a report from the Sun-Times, the Cubs and City Hall expect to finalize a deal before Monday’s home opener, possibly as early as Friday, that will allow the team to restore Wrigley Field and develop property around the stadium. The Sun-Times reported as part of the deal the Cubs would be able to […]

Rounding Up the Cubs News and Notes

Rounding Up the Cubs News and Notes The MLB playoffs and Arizona Fall League are in full swing as the Cubs approach the beginning of the third week of their off-season. This time of year is typically quiet for all of the teams not involved in the post-season. Tom Ricketts emailed his annual letter to […]

From the Wire…Ricketts Officially Takes Over Cubs

According to reports from the Chicago Tribune, the Ricketts Family officially took over control of the Chicago Cubs Tuesday morning. As expected, the final hurdle in the bankruptcy case passed through on Monday. Tom Ricketts is expected to be formally announced during a press conference on Friday at Wrigley Field. Updated 8:05pm C.T. – With […]

Preparing for the Cubs Off-Season with Rumors

While the Cubs spend their final off day in Chicago preparing for the final seven games of the regular season, the rumor mill is already churning. Many feel the Cubs will make more trades this off-season than free agent signings. With close to $116 million committed to ten players for 2010, it makes sense that […]

Lou Piniella has a Need for Speed

As the Sun-Times pointed out on Monday morning, it appears the Cubs new mission in the off-season will be to add speed to a station-to-station lineup. After spending last winter overly committed to becoming more left handed and tearing apart a 97-win team, Lou Piniella would like to add players that can run to a […]

Ricketts Inks Deal to Purchase Cubs

According to multiple reports, the Chicago Cubs were officially sold to the Ricketts Family on Friday. However, the team will not be under their control until at least November 1. This is a great day in the storied history of the Chicago Cubs.