PECOTA Projects a Slight Improvement for the Cubs in 2014

Baseball Prospectus released the first PECOTA projections for the upcoming season Tuesday. And to no surprise, PECOTA pegs the Cubs to finish in the cellar of the NL Central. PECOTA sees the Cubs winning five more games under new manager Rick Renteria than they did a year ago. PECOTA’s early projection points to a 71-91 record […]

PECOTA Projects Improvement for the Cubs

Baseball Prospectus released their first PECOTA projections for the upcoming season on Monday. And while the projections point to the Cubs finishing last in the NL Central, PECOTA projects the Cubs to make a 16 game improvement over last season’s miserable 61-101 record. PECOTA thinks the Cubs will post a 77-85 record, two games back […]

Baseball Prospectus Projects an 80-82 Campaign for the Chicago Cubs

Opening Day for the Chicago Cubs is Friday … and Baseball Prospectus has updated their projections for the upcoming season. PECOTA has projected an 80-82 campaign for Q’s crew, fourth place in the NL Central, five games behind the first place Milwaukee Brewers. PECOTA is projecting a similar finish as other national publications such as […]

Early PECOTA Projections Not Kind to the Cubs

Pitchers and catchers report to Fitch Park in five days … Baseball Prospectus released the first round of PECOTA projections on Monday. According to the projections, the Cubs will finish in fifth place in the National League Central with a 70-92 record.

Cubs Almost a .500 Team According to Baseball Prospectus

Baseball Prospectus recently updated their projections for the Twenty-Ten season … and the Cubs have gone from a 77-win team to an 80-win team in less than a month. PECOTA projected the Cubs to finish second in the National League Central Division with an 80-82 record, nine games behind the St. Louis Cardinals. During an […]

Baseball Prospectus Updated Cubs Win Total for Twenty-Ten

Baseball Prospectus updated their projections for the upcoming season on Tuesday. After projecting a 77-85 record for the Cubs less than a week ago, PECOTA still projects the Cubs to finish third (tied with the Milwaukee Brewers) in the National League Central but with a 79-83 record. Baseball Prospectus admitted they made errors in the […]

Baseball Prospectus Projects 77 Wins for Cubs in 2010

Baseball Prospectus released their projections for the Twenty-Ten season on Thursday … and on paper, it does not look good for the Cubs. PECOTA projects a 77-85 campaign for Lou Piniella’s crew … third place in the National League Central Division.

96 Wins Projected for Cubs in 2009

Baseball Prospects updated their projections for the upcoming season on Monday. PECOTA has the Cubs posting a 96-66 record, tops in the National League and 13 games better than the second place Milwaukee Brewers in the NL Central. BP has the Red Sox winning the AL East with a 98-64 record, the Indians in the […]

A Look Ahead….Predicting the Pitching Staff for 2008

A couple of weeks back the CCO took a look at the Cubs’ offense for the upcoming season. Today the second of the CCO’s 3-part preseason predictions will focus on Lou Piniella’s pitching staff. Lou Piniella still has a few decisions to make…. Which two pitchers will fill out the rotation? Who will end up […]

A Look Ahead….Predicting the Offense for 2008

This is the first of at least three predictions contests for the upcoming season here at the CCO. As the countdown to Opening Day has begun the big question is….how will the Cubs’ offense perform once the games count? Rumors still suggest the Cubs could end up with a new leadoff hitter before long but […]