The Cubs Walk … A Staggering Swagger or a Swaggering Stagger?

Trust me, the headline confused me as well. It took awhile before I realized it was exactly what I meant to say. It’s Tuesday and that means I am going to ramble, but I am having a hard time figuring out the baseball team that resides on the North Side of Chicago. Are they bad? […]

Rambling while despising this bullpen

The first two weeks of baseball has taught Cubs fans one thing: bullpens are, um, kind of important. The offense has failed to push a lot of runs across the plate, but the bullpen has given away at least four victories. The starting pitching has been solid, Carlos Silva has been a pleasant surprise and […]

Is it Time for the Cubs to Pay the Piper?

The three winters leading up to this off-season saw the Cubs spend money on free agents like never before. They signed players to a lot of big contracts, back-loaded them all and hoped they would win the illusive title before it all caught up to them. As the saying is defined, “You can put off […]

Speculation, the Sale and the Employee

With the Cubs Convention around the corner, the sale of the team should be completed in the near future. A report on Sports Central Monday night indicated the announcement could be made within 48 hours. Most feel the leading candidate to purchase the Chicago Cubs is Tom Ricketts. There were several former Cubs in the […]

Wood Files for Free Agency

According to a report on, Kerry Wood was among 42 players that filed for free agency on Friday. Wood, along with Jon Lieber and Henry Blanco joined teammates Ryan Dempster, Jim Edmonds, Bobby Howry and Chad Fox on the list of 107 Major League players that filed in the first two days.

Vocabulary Reduction

The regular season is coming to an end and the playoffs are just around the corner. With that said, the mainstream media has dusted off their ‘Cubs Glossary of Terms’ and are ready to remind the Faithful of how long it has been since the Cubs last won a championship. This season’s been full of […]

Hit and Misses….but mostly Misses

As the 2002 MLB draft was approaching, the Chicago Cubs’ farm system was highly regarded. Baseball America had it ranked in the top 3 in 2002, and 2001 and the trend would continue in 2003. Their biggest strength at the time was pitching. The club had four out of the first thirty-eight picks in 2002 […]

Weekend Update – 02/02/08

It’s Groundhog Day, where is Phil Connors? All of baseball is focused on the trade and contract extension of Johan Santana. The Mets and the 2-time Cy Young Award winner agreed in principal to a record-breaking contract on Friday night to complete the trade with the Minnesota Twins. Santana agreed to a 6-year extension with […]

Ramblings Convention Weekend

Life can change; direction can change; responsibilities can change, and when those things happen, certain things get lost. My changes have taken me away from two of my favorite things over the past month, the Cubs and writing about them. However, there is nothing like a fan convention to snap one back into shape, even […]

Christmas Presents

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, the holiday season is often a time of gift-giving, and this year the presents were varied for many of the members of 2003 Division Champion Cubs. Remember Matt Clement? Good ol’ Matt will, unfortunately, be back at the Northside this year, but adorned in Cardinal red with his new […]