Weekend Update … All Signs and Cubs Rumors Point Toward Indy

The baseball world is making its way toward Indianapolis … including the Cubs’ GM. Jim Hendry spoke with Bruce Levine and Jonathan Hood en route to the Winter Meetings during Talkin’ Baseball on Saturday morning. Here’s an update from the mill and notes from Jim Hendry’s discussion on ESPN 1000 …

Weekend Update – Talkin’ Jake Peavy and More

As the baseball world turns the page from the 2008 season teams have already begun taking steps to prepare for 2009….and in some cases, beyond. Baseball’s general managers are making the trek to the West Coast this weekend for the annual GM meetings, this year’s destination, Dana Point, California. This gathering is the first of […]

More on Peavy to the Cubs?

The early off-season rumors surrounding the Cubs might have gone from pure speculation to the point of absurdity on Saturday afternoon. While the Rays and Phillies are in the middle of a very good World Series, Phil Rogers stepped way out on the proverbial limb by stating, “don’t be surprised if Jim Hendry tries to […]

The Vanishing Rumor

With the non-waiver trade deadline just around the corner, the rumor mill should be in full swing over the next few weeks. Jim Hendry has already made a big splash with the acquisition of Rich Harden, but ‘Trader Jim‘ has stated he is always looking at ways to improve his team. In the midst of […]