The Daily CCO: Outfield Defense a Question Mark the Cubs Will Find Answers to in the Spring

With pitchers and catchers reporting to Mesa in less than two weeks and the first full squad workout in just 17 days, one of the areas the Cubs have to address this spring is the team’s outfield defense. During a conversation with Sean McAdam, Theo Epstein recently said, “Our outfield defense will be a question […]

The Daily CCO: The Cubs Hit the Ball Pretty Bleepin’ Hard and Other News and Notes

With Spring Training just around the corner, most teams are done making major roster moves. Managers are starting to jot down starting lineups for the exhibition season that begins in less than a month. Paul Casella used Statcast data from last season to rank the teams “that figure to boast the hardest-hitting overall lineups.” Casella […]

The Daily CCO: Dexter Fowler Update, Cubs Re-Sign Longtime Farmhand and News and Rumors

According to a report from Comcast SportsNet, the front office has not closed the door on re-signing Dexter Fowler and won’t until he signs with another team but it’s “highly unlikely” he will return to the Cubs. David Kaplan reported Monday while it could still happen, stars would have to align in order for Fowler […]

Cubs Updated Position Player, Win Total Projections

Opening Day of the 2016 season is just over two months away and there are a lot of practices and exhibition games on the horizon before the Cubs play a game that counts. FanGraphs has updated its Steamer projections for the 2016 season. And the Cubs win-loss projection changed slightly from mid-January. Instead of 95 […]

The Daily CCO: Theo Epstein Would Like to See a Cubs-Red Sox Fall Classic

Theo Epstein was in Boston on Thursday for his annual “Foundation To Be Named Later” dinner and talked to the local media about the Cubs and his former team. Before the private dinner, Epstein was asked about David Ortiz as he enters his final season in the big leagues. Epstein would like to see Ortiz […]

Dexter Fowler Still Viable for Cubs

According to Bruce Levine, the Cubs and White Sox are still in on Dexter Fowler. Rick Hahn is not done with his roster and is looking to add more offense to the Sox lineup. As for the Cubs, Levine is not convinced if the Cubs were to re-sign Fowler it would mean that Jorge Soler […]

Rays Reportedly Less Likely to Make Another Trade that Includes Pitching

The Cubs and Rays could eventually matchup on a deal. Jed Hoyer and Matt Silverman feel there could be a trade at some point between the two organizations. But a deal might not take place any time soon, much less before Spring Training. Mark Topkin, beat writer for the Tampa Bay Times, was asked if […]

Report: White Sox and Cubs Interested in Dexter Fowler

According to a report from Bruce Levine, with just over three weeks before pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training, “the Cubs and White Sox appear to be the two teams with the most interest” in Dexter Fowler. Bruce Levine has been consistent in reporting the Cubs interest in Fowler despite public comments from the […]

Rays Prefer Javier Baez in Talks with Cubs, Five Best Fits for Dexter Fowler

Javier Baez is ready for the start of Spring Training and he’s probably looking forward to his name being out of the trade rumors. The Cubs and Rays stay in contact and talk on a regular basis as the two teams figure to matchup on a deal at some point. Reports have suggested the Rays […]

Cubs-Rays Update: Discussions Reportedly Include Six to Seven Player Deals

The Cubs and Rays have been talking about potential deals since at least December. The two teams have acknowledged publicly they match-up well, but a trade is not imminent. The Cubs have young, controllable position players and the Rays have young, controllable pitchers they would be willing to move in the right deal to add […]