Rambling from the Abyss

I really don’t know what to say. I am at a loss for words. What is there to say? There is not an answer. And if you think Anthony Rizzo is one, put down the drink right now. I saw the movie “The Abyss” when I was young. I really don’t remember anything other than […]

Ramblings, Accounting and the Brass Tax … Read it All

The Chicago Tribune reported that the Cubs are among nine teams in violation of MLB’s debt service rules according to sources not authorized to disclose the information. The article suggests that the noncompliance relates to rules which limit debt to 10 times of an organization’s earnings. This report does not mean the Cubs cannot pay […]

Ricketts Resigns from Ameritrade Board

According to multiple reports on Monday, Tom Ricketts resigned from the board of TD Ameritrade as a part of his family selling $403 million of “its stock to help finance its bid to buy the Chicago Cubs.” The sale of the 34 million shares the Ricketts family owned in Ameritrade stock was completed on Friday […]