Ramirez, Soriano and Other Cubs Rumors

The July 31 non-waiver trade deadline is 12 days away and several players on the Cubs roster have found their way into the rumor mill … most notably Aramis Ramirez and Alfonso Soriano. Aramis Ramirez reiterated on Monday that he “would invoke his 10-and-5 rights and void any deal presented to him.” Ramirez wants to […]

Rambling as the Second Half is Under Way

Wasn’t that nice? What a great break. Three full days used to wash away the stain of a pitiful, pathetic and, well, piss-poor first half of the Cubs’ season. If it could have gone wrong for the Cubs, it did. From head-scratching decisions to abysmal performance on the field, the first half was an awful […]

Catching Up With the Cubs Rumor Mill

When play resumes on Thursday, the Cubs will have 70 games remaining on their 2011 schedule and Jim Hendry will have several decisions to make that could impact this organization for several years. The July 31 non-waiver trade deadline is 19 days away and the overpaid, underachieving roster that Hendry assembled should have a different […]

Cubs to Discuss Direction of Team as Trading Deadline Approaches

According to a report from Bruce Levine, Jim Hendry and Randy Bush will hold meetings Monday and Tuesday with the top scouts in the organization “about the direction of the team with the trading deadline just five weeks away.” The Cubs hold these meetings annually but with the poor play on the field these meetings […]

Rambling about Chains and Links and Cubbies

As they say, a chain is only is strong as its weakest link, and you can only judge a team by its most recent game. If we are using that logic, well then look out for the explosive offensive of the 2011 Chicago Cubs. And then, as Eminem says, “Snap back to reality … ” […]

Recap of the Cubs 2011 First-Year Player Draft

The 2011 MLB First-Year player draft took place last week and the Cubs selected players in all 50 rounds. The Cubs made Javier Baez their first round pick with the ninth overall selection in the draft. In all, Tim Wilken and his staff selected 29 college players and 21 high school players … 29 pitchers […]

Rambling from the Bottom of the Barrel

The Cubs won a baseball game Wednesday afternoon. When this happened, I just figured my television was broken, and I wasn’t seeing accurate information. However, after combing the interwebs for information, I finally realized the prior information was true. The Cubs had, indeed, won a baseball game. That paragraph perfectly sums up my view of […]

Could Hendry and Kenney Be On the Way Out?

According to a report from the Chicago Tribune, Jim Hendry and Crane Kenney may end up taking the fall for the Cubs’ swoon soon. Phil Rogers reported that Jim Hendry “understands his days as the Cubs’ general manager could be coming to an end” but continues to operate “on a business as usual basis.” Rogers […]

Ferris Bueller, I mean Carlos Zambrano, You’re My Hero

Carlos Zambrano is now my hero. Yes, you read that correctly. Way to go, buddy. Stand up, speak your mind, rip this pathetic team. That is just awesome. And to think that some people think he should be suspended. Why? For breathing life into this team? For being honest with the media, unlike everyone else? […]

Ramblings, Accounting and the Brass Tax … Read it All

The Chicago Tribune reported that the Cubs are among nine teams in violation of MLB’s debt service rules according to sources not authorized to disclose the information. The article suggests that the noncompliance relates to rules which limit debt to 10 times of an organization’s earnings. This report does not mean the Cubs cannot pay […]