Cubs Minor League Player and Pitcher of the Year 2002-2012

There was quite a bit made about the Cubs losing Jeff Beliveau on waivers last week to the Rangers. Beliveau has the makings of a good lefty specialist (LOOGY) and he was the Cubs Minor League Pitcher of the Year just the season before last. Did the Cubs give up on him too quickly? Or […]

Rambling While Wondering About the Future

It’s Friday, it is time to ramble, and I have enlisted the help of fellow Cubs fan Ben Miraski this week. I thought I could bring some more views to the ramblings edition. Plus, he is not nearly as optimistic as I am. And this column needs some balance every now and again. So, let’s […]

Baseball America’s Top Cubs Prospects 2005 – 2010

Baseball America is viewed as the leader in ranking prospects and minor league systems. While publications like Baseball Prospectus have garnered a lot more respect in recent years, Baseball America remains the industry leader. A good ranking by Baseball America can increase a player’s value overnight and that alone can be worth it’s weight in […]

Cubs Prospects….Vitters Top Minor League Third Baseman

Keith Law from Scouts Inc. has been focusing on baseball’s top prospects the last few days on Law broke down each organization and ranked them from first to worst on Wednesday….the Cubs minor league system came in at number twenty-seven. Keith Law also ranked the top 100 prospects in the minors as well as […]

Baseball America’s Top Cubs Prospects for 2009

Baseball America unveiled their list of the Cubs top prospects for the 2009 season along with which players possess the best tools in the organization on Monday. Only three players remain in the top ten from a year ago. Names such as Ryan Flaherty, Hak-Ju Lee and Jay Jackson have replaced the likes of Sean […]

Wanted…Cost Effective Innings Eater

Jim Hendry recently stated, “We’re just trying to make the club better, which I think we are.” Whether or not the team that posted 97 wins a year ago is better in the first week of January on paper is up for debate. Reportedly Jim Hendry will look for another arm to add to the […]

Another Look at the Cubs’ Top Prospects of 2009 released their annual list of the Cubs’ top prospects on Monday. The first of a two-part feature focused on the players they feel are the top 10 in the Cubs system. is the third publication to release a list of the Cubs top prospects for 2009….Baseball America is scheduled to release their look […]

Cubs Lose Veal and Holliman…Trade for Patton

The Cubs did not make a pick in Thursday’s Rule 5 Draft at the Winter Meetings, but in a prearranged deal with the Cincinnati Reds, they made an addition to the 40-man roster. The Cubs acquired David Patton from the Reds for a cash consideration. The Reds selected Patton in the first round of the […]

The Sale, The Payroll and Trader Jim

As the Cubs’ brass made their way to Las Vegas on Saturday, the most important news for the Chicago Cubs of the off-season hit the wire late on Friday night. According to multiple reports the sale of the Chicago Cubs is expected to be completed by Spring Training. It has been business as usual for […]

Strange Days Indeed….A Most Peculiar Start to the Off-Season

For the Faithful that are young enough to remember John Lennon’s work after the Beatles, the title might make a little more sense. The final month of 2008 began with the unexpected announcement on Monday night that the Cubs did not offer arbitration to Kerry Wood. Reportedly Bobby Howry and Daryle Ward’s days as Cubs […]