Focusing In On the Central with Jake Peavy

The following statement is brought to the readers of the CCO by Captain Obvious….Jake Peavy is a very good pitcher and one of the true aces of the game. Now that is out of the way, if Jim Hendry was to pull off a trade with Kevin Towers to bring Peavy and the remaining 4 […]

Weekend Update – Talkin’ Jake Peavy and More

As the baseball world turns the page from the 2008 season teams have already begun taking steps to prepare for 2009….and in some cases, beyond. Baseball’s general managers are making the trek to the West Coast this weekend for the annual GM meetings, this year’s destination, Dana Point, California. This gathering is the first of […]

Will Wood Return to Close?

Kerry Wood put together a solid year in his first full season as a closer in 2008. Wood, the oldest tenured Cub, avoided the DL for the majority of the year and now the pitcher formerly known as Kid K figures to file for free agency and test the open market. The Cubs have said […]

More on Peavy to the Cubs?

The early off-season rumors surrounding the Cubs might have gone from pure speculation to the point of absurdity on Saturday afternoon. While the Rays and Phillies are in the middle of a very good World Series, Phil Rogers stepped way out on the proverbial limb by stating, “don’t be surprised if Jim Hendry tries to […]

Lighting the Fire on the Hot Stove

The final installment of By the Numbers, the CCO’s look at the ‘Big Three‘, will resume later in the week in order to give time to the latest from the rumor mill….and of course the News from the Wire. The Sporting News named Geovany Soto the National League Rookie of the Year on Tuesday. Soto […]

Cubs On Peavy’s List?

Kevin Towers and the San Diego Padres have made it no secret that they are shopping their ace and former Cy Young Award winner Jake Peavy. Peavy has a no-trade clause on a 3-year, $52 million dollar extension he signed in December of 2007, but Peavy’s agent, Barry Axelrod, released a list of National League […]

Speculation or Possibilities?

The organizational meetings in Mesa begin in less than a week, October 19th, but the rumors continued to flow over the weekend in relation to possible moves the Cubs could make this off-season. The one reoccurring theme over the last week has been the Cubs’ desire to add a left-handed bat or bats to a […]

A Little Game of Catch-up

The off-season on the North Side has begun and while the organizational meetings are not until October 19th in Mesa, the Cubs made a little news this week….and the mainstream media lit the fire on the Hot Stove. The Cubs’ payroll is expected to increase in 2009 from the $130 million dollars the organization spent […]

Don’t Worry….Be Happy?

Cue Bobby McFerrin and his classic little ditty from the late 80’s. In case anyone missed the news, the baseball team that resides in Wisconsin officially added a southpaw with a little bit of skill on Monday. Like so many of the experts were guilty of when the Mets landed Johan Santana, the Brewers have […]

Do the Cubs React?

According to several reports, the Brewers have acquired C.C. Sabathia from the Indians for a package of prospects centered around minor league slugger Matt LaPorta. Sabathia along with Ben Sheets gives Milwaukee the best one-two punch in the National League according to most of the experts, along with Brandon Webb and Dan Haren of the […]