Crane Kenney Discusses the Latest Issues with the Wrigley Field Restoration

Crane Kenney joined David Kaplan and David Haugh on Thursday morning during the Kap & Haugh Show on 87.7 The Game. The President of Business Operations for the Chicago Cubs answered several questions about the Cubs new plans for Wrigley Field, the recent issues with Mayor’s office and the public relations issues the team has […]

Wrigley Field Restoration Update: Mayor Says Cubs Not Ready to Meet with Landmarks Commission

Mayor Rahm Emanuel addressed Wednesday the changes the Cubs unveiled on Tuesday to the team’s plan to restore, renovate and expand Wrigley Field. And the Mayor is not happy. According to the Sun-Times, “Mayor Rahm Emanuel declared that his handpicked Commission on Chicago Landmarks would not consider the revised plan to build seven outfield signs, […]

Wrigley Field Restoration Update: Cubs Release New Renderings, Plan to Start on Clubhouse in July

The Cubs unveiled the new plans to restore, renovate and expand Wrigley Field on Tuesday. The Cubs plan on starting construction on the clubhouse and plaza in July with the bleacher construction beginning in the fall. With the additions to the plan, most notably the expansion to the clubhouse, Crane Kenney said Tuesday it would […]

Crane Kenney Talks Wrigley Field, Cubs Finances and Media Rights with Forbes

Crane Kenney sat down with Forbes’ Mike Ozanian while the Cubs were in New York playing the Yankees last month. The Cubs President of Business Operations discussed a variety of Cubs topics including the importance of Wrigley Field and the team’s media rights. According to the report from Forbes, “the Cubs are also in the […]

Report: WBBM-AM Leading Candidate to be Cubs Radio Partner

According to a report from the Tribune’s Ed Sherman, WBBM-AM has emerged as the leading candidate to become the Cubs new radio partner. Tom Ricketts and Crane Kenney have pointed to Opening Day as the timeframe the team would like to have its radio rights settled with either 720 WGN or a new station that […]

Crane Kenney Talks Wrigley Field, Rooftops, Cubs Media Rights and Finances on The Game

Cubs President of Business Operations, Crane Kenney, spent time Monday morning with David Kaplan and David Haugh on The Game. Crane Kenney was pretty open during the long interview. Kenney discussed Wrigley Field and the Cubs’ media rights. Plus he provided details on the negotiations and the contract with the rooftops that he helped write.

Wrigley Field Restoration Update: Negotiations Break Down Between Cubs and Rooftops

The first part of the week has not gone the Cubs way. After the news surfaced the Cubs lost out on their off-season target to the Yankees, the Sun-Times reported the talks between the Cubs and the rooftop club owners broke off on Tuesday and the dispute will likely be settled in court. The Cubs […]

Day Two of the 2014 Cubs Convention: Cubs Business Operations Update

Crane Kenney and his business operations department was the first session of the afternoon. The Cubs President of Business Operations provided updates on the team’s finances, the TV and radio contracts and the Wrigley Field Restoration project. The Cubs’ contracts with WGN TV and Radio expire after the 2014 season. Crane Kenney is expecting to […]

WGN Radio and the Cubs Announce the Hiring of Ron Coomer

The search for a color analyst to call Cubs’ games alongside Pat Hughes officially ended on Friday when 720 WGN and the Cubs announced the hiring of one-time Cubs’ player Ron Coomer. The Hughes & Coomer Show will make its debut in Spring Training. Ron Coomer, 47, played for the Cubs during the 2001 season […]

Todd Hollandsworth Would Like the Cubs Radio Gig

WGN Radio was expected to announce Keith Moreland’s replacement by the start of the Winter Meetings but they have not made a decision yet on who will help call Cubs’ games with the great Pat Hughes. Todd Hollandsworth and Ron Coomer are reportedly the two finalists for the job. Hollandsworth is in Orlando this week […]