Acquiring Young Pitching Reportedly Still a Priority for Cubs

According to a report Sunday from the Tribune, the front office’s priority remains to acquire young pitching. Mark Gonzales explained “the Rays remain an attractive target and a potential match with the Cubs’ young position players.” Gonzales’ report came on the heels of Matt Silverman acknowledging on MLB Network Radio that the Rays and Cubs […]

Cubs Reported as a Potential Candidate to Trade for James Shields

According to the Sun-Times, the Cubs are not done this winter. “Sources say they continue to troll the trade market for hard-to-get young starting pitching and plan to add depth pieces in the outfield and on the pitching staff.” Nick Cafardo mentioned in his Sunday Baseball Notes column, “There’s still a feeling that James Shields […]

Adding More Pitching Next for Cubs?

When the news broke Friday that the Cubs and Jason Heyward agreed to an eight-year megadeal, reports immediately surfaced suggesting the front office was working on a deal with another team for pitching. Those reports quickly went away and were replaced about the Cubs willingness to start the season with Heyward in center field. Landing […]

Long List of Pitching Options for the Cubs

Let’s repeat what Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer have reiterated countless times since the end of the season. The front office is focused on adding pitching to the roster this winter. The Cubs would like to acquire multiple starting pitchers and add depth, both for the Major League staff and at other levels in the […]

Cubs Reportedly Talked to the Braves about Shelby Miller

According to Ken Rosenthal, the Cubs are “doing background work on a dozen or so starting pitchers” the front office could acquire through trades. And the Cubs have talked to the Braves about RHP Julio Teheran and RHP Shelby Miller. The Braves are believed to be looking for young position players for Teheran and Miller. […]

Cubs Interest in Alex Gordon Receives Confirmation

The Cubs priority this off-season is to add pitching to what was proven to be a rather thin rotation. And the biggest free agent starting pitchers from David Price to Jordan Zimmermann to Zack Greinke have already been connected to the Cubs. Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer said last week there were several areas the […]

Jed Hoyer: Cubs Were Super-Aggressive Trying to Acquire Pitching Leading Up to the Deadline

The Cubs priority since day one of the current administration has been to add pitching to the organization. And the front office’s focus has not changed four years later. The Cubs know the team is short on pitching, especially in the starting rotation. Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer said a year ago the front office […]

Cubs Weekend Headlines: Flipping the Switch to the Off-Season

The Cubs shifted into off-season mode Thursday afternoon as Theo Epstein held his end of the season press conference. All of the reports linked in this roundup are must reads. Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer have been transparent and honest since taking over baseball operations four years ago. A lot can be learned by reading […]

The Daily CCO: A Busy Day for Rumors, Cubs Connected to Chisenhall, Span and Cashner

Congratulations to the Kansas City Royals for winning the American League Pennant for the second straight year to advance to the World Series. It’s the Royals and Mets in the Fall Classic … Go Royals! The Cubs rumor mill picked up considerably late Thursday and Friday in the wake of Theo Epstein’s end of season […]

Cubs Pursuing Pitching as Deadline Nears

The countdown to baseball’s non-waiver trade deadline (Friday, 3:00pm CDT) has begun and with just over 14 hours left, the Cubs are working to add at least one pitcher to the roster. According to Joel Sherman, the Cubs and Padres are working on something big. And the Sun-Times confirmed the two teams are discussing several […]