In the Second Half …

After an average first half, how will the Cubs perform in the second half? With 86 down and 76 games left to play the Cubs have been the epitome of a .500 team. For a four-game stretch they will look unbeatable, then for a four-day stretch they can look as if they have forgotten how […]

From the CCO Inbox – 06/02/09

With the Cubs on the road for the next ten days and as they prepare to begin a three-game series in Atlanta, it seems like the right time to empty out the CCO Inbox and pass along information we have received over the last month. So while Lou contemplates whether to stay with the hot […]

It’s Raining….It’s Pouring – The Cubs Are Rained Out

Rainy Days of Yesteryear….What to Do? It is raining at the park and the game between the Cubs and the Astros has been postponed until Thursday, July 30. So does anyone remember back in the day when there was a rain delay the telecast would go to another form of….well baseball? Whether it was This […]

The Veteran Rookie

The feel-good story for the Chicago Cubs is quickly becoming a fan favorite. After spending 11 seasons in the minor leagues without so much as a cup of coffee in the big leagues, Bobby Scales made his Major League debut on May 5 and is making the most of the opportunity he has earned. Scales […]

From the CCO Inbox – 5/12/09

With the Cubs spending Monday recovering from 20 games in 20 days and receiving good news on Derrek Lee, it seems like the right time to empty out the CCO Inbox and pass along information we have received over the last three weeks. So while Lou contemplates the next change or changes to his bullpen […]

From the CCO Inbox – 4/14/09

From time to time during the season the CCO will empty out the ole Microsoft Outlook and pass along information we’ve received via electronic mail…and other stuff we deem cool and noteworthy. So without further ado on the Cubs second off day of the regular season. Here’s the latest from the CCO inbox…

From the CCO Inbox

While the Cubs enjoy their last day off of the spring, it is time for the latest from the CCO Inbox. Once the season begins, the CCO will pass on info, links and other cool stuff that readers email us on days the Cubs are not playing. In recent days the inbox has received photos […]

Who’s the Face of the Chicago Cubs?

For many of the ‘Me Generation‘ the first face of the Chicago Cubs was Ryne Sandberg, then it was Sammy Sosa and for a majority of the last 10 years it was Kerry Wood. Bruce Miles wrote a detailed article on Ryan Dempster being “the total package” and made arguments for Dempster being the new […]

Baseball Superstitions

Are you superstitious? XM Radio touched on this subject Thursday morning and many of the callers shared their game day rituals, or superstitions, and certain things they do that will guarantee their team a win. Baseball is not only a game full of tradition but full of superstitions as well. As the line from Bull […]

Stone Talks Cubs

While the Sports World spent Monday watching Alex Rodriguez on ESPN admitting he used performance-enhancing drugs while with the Texas Rangers, the rest of baseball prepared for the beginning of Spring Training. Pitchers and catchers cannot report soon enough…. Steve Stone joined Dave Kaplan on Sports Central Monday night….and discussed several topics from the Central […]