What a Weak

On the morning of August 6th, I woke up with the possibility that it might have been a bad dream. I could have easily had a nightmare that Soriano came up lame while heading to third on a Ryan Theriot single. Anything’s possible right? I dream about weird things all the time, but to the […]

Two Teams, One Crown….oh and Some Birds

For the first time in a long time, I found myself rooting for the St. Louis Cardinals this weekend. It is something I am not proud of, but I am sure the Faithful had the same feeling as well. I was looking for a split, and I figured that would be the best case scenario. […]

Cubs, Astros and a Witch

We were without baseball for the majority of the week, which was pretty painful to say the least. When the baseball season is over we at least have football to talk about, but this past week was pretty boring. Unless you find the homerun derby to be exciting, I personally am upset I will never […]

I’m Feeling Sweepy Today

What a weekend, what a series….for the Cubs that is. After losing two out of three to Sammy Sosa and the Texas Rangers, we desperately needed to take our next series. It didn’t matter who would be our opponent, we needed to win. I think we all felt that way, we were slipping and we […]

The Week That Was

There was a lot of emotion running through the stands at Wrigley on Saturday. Knowing that we always have issues with Chris Young, or known in the clubhouse as “C-Y”. I guess if your last name is Young or starts with a Y automatically you have a nickname, Eric Young E-Y. I guess I wouldn’t […]

The Two-Ring Circus

Ladies and Gentleman, Welcome to the Big Top…. Last time I checked I get a bill in the mail every year from the Chicago Cubs, not the Ringling Brothers Circus, in order to renew my season tickets. But what transpired over the weekend series was a far cry from a professional organization running a baseball […]

Sweepless in Chicago

It would have been nice, a three game sweep of the Chicago White Sox. Unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be, but two out of three is not too bad. The Cubs showed a lot of fight this weekend, they never gave up, something that has been a problem for this team in the past. I […]

Wide Open?

As the season began there were many predictions about the NL Central. Many of the so- called experts gave the crown to the Cardinals, out of respect. Others said the Brewers would take home the hardware and a few said the Cubs and the Astros. But they would always preface such predictions with, “This division […]

The First Week of May

What a difference a week makes. The Cubs had their best single week of the season and for the first time since 1937 they won their first 5 games to start the month of May. While Derrek Lee, Alfonso Soriano and Jacque Jones had huge offensive weeks, the pitching staff continued to perform well for […]

The Month That Was

First and foremost, I think I speak for all of us at the CCO, our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of Josh Hancock and the entire Cardinals organization. For the second time in 5 years the Cardinals have lost a pitcher in a tragic fashion. I think Jim Edmonds put […]