Rambling from the Abyss

I really don’t know what to say. I am at a loss for words. What is there to say? There is not an answer. And if you think Anthony Rizzo is one, put down the drink right now. I saw the movie “The Abyss” when I was young. I really don’t remember anything other than […]

Rambling as the World Descends on Chicago

The White Sox arrive at 1060 W. Addison for the beginning of the Crosstown Classic, also known as the BP Cup today. (Please note this makes me want to buy BP gas less than I would have prior to this sponsorship.) And the world arrives in Chicago as the NATO summit officially gets underway this […]

Rambling About a New Realization

Well, well, well. This team ain’t so awful. In fact, they are not half-bad. Heck, they are even somewhat mediocre and, while we’re at it, they can be downright entertaining. After a grotesque and gut-wrenching 3-11 start, the Cubs have won 10 of 17 and head to Milwaukee to face a surprisingly struggling Brew Crew. […]

Rambling Whilst Honing My Closing Skills

It is sad to look up in the middle of work on a Thursday, see the Cubs are winning 3-0, think, “you know what, this team isn’t all that horrible,” and then check 60 minutes later to see they lost in extra innings thanks to most recent staging of “Captain Carlos’ Walk-A-Thon.” Sound like your […]

Rambling While Reflecting on the Walk-offs

The Cubs were down then Mather found some redemption, some ice and some shaving cream. Marmol blew it the next night, but was bailed out and the Cubs walked off again. Matty G and the Shark pitched well, Wrigley was having fun and the Cubs won a series against the defending World Champions. Hey, quite […]

Rambling While Hanging in the Basement

After staring at a blank computer screen for quite some time trying to find the words to describe this season thus far, I realized that a blank piece of paper sums up the first 13 games better than anything else. Seriously though, the team is bad. I have just one question. Did any of you […]


Hope springs eternal as a new leaf is turned over while waiting for the fresh new day as the dew on the grass is beginning to dry and we are waiting for those two beautiful and gorgeous words that are music to our ears … “PLAY BALL.” That is a lot of sap to process, […]

Rambling With Visions of Opening Day Dancing in My Head

It’s Friday, cuts have been made, dreams have been shattered, veterans have been shocked and all signs point to the Shark. Opening Day is less than a week away, the roster has taken shape and it’s time to play some meaningful baseball games, for a few months, at least. So, let’s get to some rambling […]

Rambling as the Cubs Roster Dwindles

Andy Sonnanstine ain’t in the big league sun no more, real baseball is about two weeks away, the Shark has finally earned his chance and Soriano is still fooling us all. With that said, let’s get to what Fridays on the CCO are all about. Ramble on …

Rambling as the Madness Begins

We are exactly three weeks away from Opening Day, Brett Jackson should be the starting center fielder, there are still battles to be won and Alfonso Soriano is the early favorite for MVP. So, with that said, let’s get rambling before the Madness is in full swing!