Rambling About the Cubs as the Dog Days Begin

Hello again, everybody. It is August 1, and I must say, I think Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer had themselves quite a July. They added multiple players to the farm system’s top-20 list while promoting many of the big names to their respective next level. The dog days may begin in August, but Cubs fans […]

Rambling About the Cubs as the Future is Closing In

Hello again, everybody. The future is a strange thing really because we have no idea what it holds. Sure, we would love to think we do, but we don’t. And that is why the future is scary, exciting, foreboding, enthralling, strange, nerve-racking, thought provoking, and many, many other things. However, for Cubs fans, the future […]

Rambling about the Cubs on the First Day of the Second Half

Hello again, everybody. The All-Star break has ended, the American League won again, making it 47 out of the last 51 for the DH’ers, or at least it seems that way. As I started saying, today is the first day of the second half, of what I hope is the final “total giveaway” season of […]

Rambling as the Cubs Ship is Starting to Turn

Hello again, everybody. It was a beautiful week in Chicago, the birds are chirping, the sun is beaming, and the Alcantara’s are raking. As many here know, I am an unwieldy optimist, but even I have been smacked down by reality so much lately that is just didn’t seem like things would ever change. And […]

Rambling While the Cubs are Improving?

Hello again, everybody. It has been another week, and the Cubs are yet again 5-5 in the last ten. This could change before I finish writing this as they are currently leading the Nats 3-1. However, 5-5 is better than 2-8 and that is an improvement. It is happening slowly, but this team is maturing. […]

Rambling About the Cubs Home Away From Home

Rambling About the Cubs Home Away From Home Hello again, everybody.  It has been one of the better weeks for the Cubs in recent memory. They won not one, but two road series in a row. TWO. ROAD. SERIES. IN. A. ROW. The Cubs turned Philly and Miami into their home away from home and […]

Rambling About the Cubs While Seeing a Glimpse

Hello again, everybody. Something got into the Cubs since we last talked. They started played respectfully, won five in a row, and gave our eyes some baseball enjoyment. However, a blown save and a trip to the Steel City put the young Cubbies right back in their place. But, it was a nice respite, and […]

Rambling About the Cubs While Waiting for Them to Score

Hello again, everybody. We are about to enter June and the Cubs have 19 wins. That is right, that is rough and that is awful. That is also three fewer victories than any other team … in all of baseball. Even the Astros have three more victories than the Cubs. Hey, but then again, Jeff […]

Rambling About the Cubs Ineptitude

Hello again, everybody. It’s been a seesaw of a week for the Cubs. I think Paula Abdul said it best in her song “Opposites Attract, “I take two steps forward, I take two steps back …” Yes, for the record, I just went Paula Abdul on everyone, and if that doesn’t date me, I am […]

Rambling About the Cubs While Hoping for a New Day

Hello again, everybody. It is just not getting any better. Maybe it will, but it is rough right now. Yes, this is Captain Obvious saying ‘hello.’ There was a legion of fans supporting Tom, Theo and Jed, but that group is winnowing, and the sharks are out in full force now. It’s an interesting conversation […]