Rambling About the Cubs As the Dog Days Fade Away

Hello again, everybody, and a good Friday morning to each and every one of you.  September starts on Sunday, and mercifully, the 2013 Cubs campaign will come to an end in about five weeks.  It has ended up as another frustrating season for the Northsiders, but the light at the end of the tunnel is […]

Rambling About the Cubs as the Dog Days Are Upon Us

As the season trudges on, and thoughts of 2014 fill my head, it is hard to describe the current installment of the Chicago Cubs.  The names, faces, trades and waiver moves come together to make one random story of a season.  With less than two months to play, it is hard to imagine the Cubs […]

The Vitalogy of Wrigley’s Restoration

So, there is much ado about something with Cubs and with the quiet little neighborhood of Wrigleyville. That is what Ald. Tom Tunney would have you believe.  The big bad corporate guys are going to ruin his sleepy little neighborhood nestled in the plains of Chicago’s quiet Northside. Is Ald. Tunney kidding himself?  Where was […]

Rambling as Summer Officially Begins

Hello again, everybody.  While it may be true that summer officially begins today, the Cubs’ performance of late makes me yearn for the break of Fall. I know it’s been awhile since I’ve bored you with my stream of consciousness, but it’s Friday, and it’s about time I start throwing random thoughts out there and […]

Rambling About an Offensive Cubs Offense

Hello again everybody.  Can you hit a baseball?  Do you know how to swing a bat?  Can you bunt … go the other way (opposite field that is, not that there is anything wrong with that) … get it deep enough with a guy on third? If you can do just ONE of those things […]

Rambling as Spring is About to Be Sprung

Hello again, everybody. It almost the middle of May, and if you are reading this, you know the Baseball season is well under way. The Cubs are starting to play a bit more competitively, and if starting pitching had anything to do with baseball, the Cubs would be right up there. Oh, starting pitching DOES […]

Rambling While Wondering, Can It Get Worse?

Hello again everybody, and welcome to another Friday filled with Ramblings for the Faithful.  The four weeks of the season have been an outright disaster, and unless Ernie and Billy walk through that door sometime soon, it does not have much promise of improving. It is not as if you don’t know, but hopefully the […]

Rambling about the Cubs from Winter’s Edge

Opening week at Wrigley kicked off with the nicest weather anyone can remember for the event.  As Chicago would have it, as per the usual, it was a huge tease that found a cancellation and a few games played in frigid temperatures. The beginning of the season has brought bad pitching, bad hitting, bad defense […]

Rambling as the Cubs Season Awaits

In ten days, the Cubs will begin their 2013 campaign, and while it will take place on April 1st, we all hope this upcoming edition is no joke. It is widely documented and discussed that two of the offseason “risks” will not pan out because Stewart and Baker are hurt or shut down for now.  […]

Rambling Four Weeks from Wrigley

“Hello again, everybody.” Those three words, while probably not as often said as, “I’ll have another,” were always on the tip of Harry Caray’s tongue. A week after what would have been the amazing broadcaster’s 99th birthday, I wanted to lead this edition of Ramblings with a shout-out to the man that made me fall […]