Rambling About the Cubs as the Pale Hose Arrive on the Right Side

Hello again, everybody. Wow, that would have been one heck of a game to have on Wednesday night, but with the way the Cardinals have been going, splitting four games almost feels like a sweep. Now that the All-Star Break is almost upon us, it would be very nice for the Cubs to take care […]

Rambling about the Cubs as the USA Celebrates a Birthday

Hello again, everybody. It was very nice to see the Cubs bounce back strong from a five-game losing streak and sweep the Mets on the road. This quick turnaround exemplifies why the Cubs of 2015 are vastly different than many of their recent versions. During the past few years, the Cubs would turn a five-game […]

Rambling About the Cubs with September in Sight

Hello again, everybody. It has been a few weeks now, but we are back in the saddle on this fine Friday morning. While the past two losses have been quite disappointing, winning four in a row was a nice treat. This team is loose, it’s having fun, it’s got each other’s backs, and most importantly, […]

Rambling about the Cubs and a Bat-Flipping Fool

Hello again, everybody. It’s been another up and down week for the Cubs, but thanks to one shortsighted play, tensions flared and benches cleared. However, it appears Mr. Junior realized the error of his ways rather quickly and apologized profusely, which is good. And while he made be very laid back, it was good to […]

Rambling About the Cubs During the Growth Spurts

Hello again, everybody. I hope all is well with all. Given certain schedules, an off day today, and an afternoon soiree at Wrigley on Friday, we thought we would just catch everyone off guard and with Ramblings … on a THURSDAY! [Insert Hollywood-esque gasping sound for effect] So, now that the shock has worn off, […]

Rambling as the Cubs are Finding an Identity

Hello again, everybody. The weather is warming, the flowers are blooming, but unlike spring times of the past, the Cubs are not swooning. No, this year’s team is starting to show what fans have patiently waited for since 2008. It is May 22, and folks, the Chicago Cubs have a winning record. If this is […]

Rambling About the Cubs While Waving My Broom

Hello again, everybody! It is nice to be back, and it is even nicer to be writing about the Cubs sweeping a four-game series. And this was not a normal four-gamer; this was against the Mighty Mets who rode into town with an impressive 20-11 record. Well, thanks to the Cubbies you can add four […]

Rambling About the Cubs While the Prospects Have Arrived

Hello, again everybody. The Cubbies are 8-7, and I must admit, it is a rather disappointing 8-7 at that, but I will say that this team is better than I expected. A team cannot win the pennant in April, but it can definitely lose one. The past few years it seemed like late May arrived […]

Rambling About the Cubs from First Place

Hello again, everybody. It is nice to be with you and writing about actual baseball games that matter. While it’s only been eight games, it been a fun eight games for the most part, and the Cubs are over .500 for the first time since Tinkers-to-Evers-to-Chance. Okay, fine, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but you get […]

Rambling about the Cubs on the Eve of the Eve

Hello again, everybody. Real games are so close I can almost taste them. Well, to be fair, I just had some hot dogs, so I like, literally just tasted baseball. And yes, I am very well aware that is an erroneous use of “literally.” The North Side is abuzz with the excitement of baseball, video […]