Rambling about the Cubs Flattening the Cards

Hello again, everybody! How are we all doing on this thoroughly fabulous Friday?  Ready for more playoff baseball? I am still basking in Cubs NLDS victory, and drinking it all in, and I hope you are as well before the NLCS gets started Saturday in New York. There is something different about this Cubs postseason […]

Rambling as the Cubs Play in the Playoffs

Hello again, everybody! And holy cow hello again Major League Baseball Playoffs! Wow, the Cubs take the field in Pittsburgh tonight for their first playoff game since 2008.  Five managers, two general managers, and what seems like decades in between, it’s now time to play baseball in the playoffs. And it is quite a beautiful […]

Rambling about the Cubs While Wondering about the Wild Card Game

Hello again, everybody! And hello again as Ramblings returns to Friday. It’s been a long time coming, but we are back, and we are back with a vengeance hoping to distribute, display and define this definitely delirious day with much more than decent thoughts, feelings and emotions. The Pirates roll into town today, and in […]

Rambling about the Cubs with a Playoff Game that You Can Taste

Hello again, everybody! Yes, Ramblings on a Thursday. We here at the CCO are really just really trying to catch everyone off guard so we always have a great deal of fun.  It is just better that way, and if you think about, it truly is. As of this morning, there are 17 games left, […]

Rambling about the Cubs with the Wild Card in Sight

Hello again, everybody. I hope this is a fine Friday for all. The Cubs had a fine trip to St. Louis and proved they can play with the vaunted Cardinals and beat good teams regularly. In fact, they can beat the best team regularly so this should be a good sign for Cubs fans everyone. […]

Rambling About Meaningful Cubs Games in September

Hello again, everybody. It has been a few weeks, but Ramblings is back with a vengeance and ready to dole out some accurate, awesome, amazing and awe-inspiring thoughts about the Cubs and baseball and maybe some other stuff. Also, I might, just MIGHT, reference something I wrote five months ago regarding predictions. Like I said, […]

Rambling as the Cubs Kids Have Arrived

Hello again, everybody. Yes, you have your day right. It is Tuesday, but who cares, it’s Tuesday, and we are going to do some rambling today. It has been quite a run for the Cubs the past few weeks, and how much fun has it been? A heckuva of a lot of fun, I will […]

Rambling about the Cubs as the Dog Days Begin

Hello again, everybody. There have been ramblings on Mondays, on Tuesdays, on Wednesdays, on Thursdays, and on Fridays … but never has there ever been ramblings on a Saturday! I don’t mean to shock your system, but it is a shock to mine as well. A weekend Ramblings! With that said, there really is not […]

Rambling about the Cubs as Cole Hamels Comes to Town

Hello again, everybody.  I do not mean to shock your systems with a Thursday Ramblings, but my travel schedule combined with an off day for the Cubs led to a perfect scenario where we can ramble, rumble and ramble some more on a thoroughly thirsty Thursday for many thirty-somethings … and hopefully a thoroughly enjoyable […]

Rambling about the Cubs as the Second Half Commences

Hello again, everybody. It was a fun week for baseball fans as the Midsummer Classic caught the attention of the sporting world the first few days of the week. I, like most, absolutely loved the new approach to Home Run Derby. The clock was just great, and in a game where clocks never existed, maybe […]