Exploring the Possibilities

As the Winter Meetings approach Jim Hendry has a few questions surrounding his team. The Cubs have been relatively quiet so far this off-season with the only major move being the trade of Jacque Jones. Several reports out of Chicago have mentioned what the Cubs could be up to, but what does Jim Hendry have […]

Lost, But Thankful

I am a creature of habit, I would imagine like most of you. I wake up at the same time every morning and pretty much have the same routine, both on the weekdays and weekend. I always check the CCO for any traffic or comments from the night before and then I read the newspapers […]

If You Were Lou….The Playoff Roster

Before the season began, before Spring Training, way back at the end of January, the CCO asked the question, “If You Were Lou….“, who would be on your Opening Day roster in April. Well, 162 games later, Sweet Lou has shaped his 40-man roster into a crew of his liking. Now the question is, who […]

Fasten Your Seatbelts

When the Cubs are locked in a tight game going into the 9th inning, Pat Hughes always reminds his audience to fasten their seatbelts this could be a wild one. Well, the bottom of the 8th inning just ended and I can hear Pat’s voice like he is sitting right next to me. What will […]

Keys for the Stretch Run

Lou Piniella stated before Saturday’s game that his crew is not in the stretch run of the season yet, but are in more of a jog at this point. While it is not September 1st, the 2007 season is coming down the back stretch, the Cubs have 33 games left, 17 at home and 16 […]

If You Were the Cubs GM….at the Deadline

….What would you do? While the team enjoys a scheduled day off, a good baseball executive, especially the GM never gets time off during the season, and those long days have a tendency to get even longer as the July 31st non-waiver trade deadline approaches. There have been a couple of names mentioned in the […]

It’s All Over but the Shouting

After months upon months of analyzing every free agent signing, every coaching hire and discussing every rumor known to man, all of the speculation can be put to rest starting on Monday. Baseball fever….catch it!!! Lou Piniella’s opening day roster is set and the lineup for the first game has been announced but with two […]

Prediction Friday

The roster is all but set as spring training is coming down the backstretch….opening day is just 18 days away. The final battles should be between Angel Guzman and Wade Miller for the last spot in the rotation with Mark Prior likely remaining in Arizona for extended spring training and starting the season on the […]

So Far….

The Cubs are a quarter of the way through their exhibition season and the first round of cuts and reassignments are expected soon. But have they had a good first week of games? Some of the performances thus far are noteworthy….Felix Pie, Matt Murton, Derrek Lee and Michael Barrett on the offensive side and Jason […]

The Human Element

As the players are enjoying their last few days before Spring Training starts, the mainstream media preseason predictions are rolling in. Like always the predictions vary from publication to publication but the reoccurring theme is the Cubs will be better in ’07….that’s good to hear considering after last season there is truly only one way […]