Monday Morning General Manager

There are 11 days remaining before the non-waiver trade deadline and it’s that time again at the CCO. Grab your GM hat, as always make sure it still fits and let’s play, ‘If You Were the Cubs GM…version 20.09‘. You may or may not know the drill by now. The CCO’s long-running debate topic made […]

Milton Bradley: As Seen on TV

Many questioned the signing of Milton Bradley when the Cubs made the deal official on January 8. The Cubs were looking for a way to balance out their lineup and were willing to take a risk on a player with all of the talent to take them to the next level, but with a history […]

What’s Up with Big Z?

Before the season began most, if not all, thought if the Cubs were to win their third consecutive Central Division title they would need Carlos Zambrano to step up and lead the starting staff. Zambrano did his part on Opening Day in Houston and pitched a very good game…and more than earned his first career […]

Our National Holiday

When you hit a certain age, like I have, the Christmas season and birthdays do not have the same excitement as they might have at one point in time. However, no matter how many years pass and how many things change around me, the one constant for as long as I can remember is the […]

Should Marmol Stay or Should Marmol Close?

One of the few decisions left for Lou Piniella to make this spring is…who will be the Cubs closer when the season starts? Kevin Gregg emphatically stated he wants the job on Saturday while Carlos Marmol said he would do whatever is best for the team. The Cubs bullpen arguably has the biggest questions for […]

By the Numbers….Derrek Lee

The third and final installment of the CCO’s look at the ‘Big Three‘ is focused on the Cubs’ Gold Glove first baseman, Derrek Lee. Lee had a good season but did not put up the numbers expected from the third spot in the lineup. Lee struggled during the year hitting for power….and for most of […]

By the Numbers….Aramis Ramirez

The second of the three part series on the Cubs’ ‘Big Three‘ is focused on Lou Piniella’s clean-up hitter, Aramis Ramirez. Ramirez has become one of the best third basemen in the majors in both offensive production as well as defensively at the hot corner. While Ramirez still might ‘uncork one‘ from time to time, […]

By the Numbers….Alfonso Soriano

Toward the end of the regular season a member of the Chicago media asked Lou Piniella about his team being built to the win the fall classic. Piniella answered the question in a frustrated manner and said every team is built at the beginning of the season to win the final game of the year. […]

Time for a Little R&R

Long time readers of the CCO have become accustomed to my style of writing, good or bad, I always tend to ‘report‘ just the facts and keep my personal opinion out of my articles. The main reason is because I feel there is a ton of opinionated bloggers out there, why add to it. But […]

Vocabulary Reduction

The regular season is coming to an end and the playoffs are just around the corner. With that said, the mainstream media has dusted off their ‘Cubs Glossary of Terms’ and are ready to remind the Faithful of how long it has been since the Cubs last won a championship. This season’s been full of […]