The Fight For Tickets

There is always one day each year where Cubs fans are excited about being a Cubs fan and this year was especially exciting. That special day couldn’t get here soon enough this year, especially after the Cubs spent millions of dollars bringing in new players and keeping existing talent. The special day I refer to […]

Talkin’ Cubs Live – The CCO Will Go Interactive

With the 2006 season just around the corner, there will be some changes and additions here at the CCO; this is one of the first additions. Nothing revolutionary….just a new addition. What would everyone think about an in game discussion or daily talk here at the CCO? We will post the report about game time, […]

A Quarter Added to the CCO

Most athletes say they give 110%, but do they? Well here at Chicago Cubs Online we do our best to give a 100%. Brian, Jason and I felt there was something missing….with only three contributors to the CCO. We feel the Cubs Faithful deserve the best possible coverage of Cubs’ Baseball we can provide. So […]

The Best Laid Plans….

Sometimes you have to be able to roll with the punches and work with the cards you are dealt. I always have a Plan B or Plan C, if necessary….but not last night. I had one plan and that changed very quickly. The CCO crashed for the second night in a row, but this time […]

Another Voice at Chicago Cubs Online

Brian McCabe helped add a new element to the CCO with his daily recaps of the Cubs Convention a few weeks back and he has agreed to become a full time contributor here at the CCO. Brian will be able to provide a unique perspective to the Cubs Faithful and I think his first post […]

Chicago Cubs Online and The Mendoza Line

The Best of the First 200 Posts on Chicago Cubs Online….and What’s Next for the CCO As baseball fans we all know what The Mendoza Line is, those that stay above it usually have a decent, but short career in the Major Leagues and end up in the commons bin in your local baseball card […]

The Only Christmas Present I Ever Asked For

For as long as I can remember there has been one Christmas present I have asked for. When I started following the Cubs my Christmas list included an Atari 2600 or the newest Van Halen Album (not CD, but album) or the Sony Walkman that made riding my bike a little bit cooler and as […]

Another View From A Lifelong Cubs Fan

Welcome to a new weekly feature at Chicago Cubs Online….I hope everyone enjoys….I know I did. Scrapbooks and Winter Meetings It was early Fall in 1984, and I was riding home from grade school on my bike, listening to the end of a Cubs game through the Sony Walkman headphones protruding from within my backpack. […]

The Cubs Are On XM Radio

XM Radio and the Chicago Cubs Welcome to Black Friday. As the holiday shopping season begins today, everyone should keep XM Radio in mind for the baseball fan in your life. Satellite radio is definitely the wave of the future. You get commercial free music, news channels, sports channels and BASEBALL. XM Radio is no […]

My Cubs Top 10 List

10 Things All Cubs Fans Should Be Thankful For As we all sit around with our family and friends today, ask yourself a question….what am I thankful for today?There are many things I am thankful for and the Cubs are one of them. Granted the ‘Lovable Losers’ can drive you crazy and make you pull […]