Don’t Buy a Grill on July 4th

I bought a grill on Independence Day. Actually, I bought it on July 3rd, but it was going to be assembled and ready for pickup on Independence Day. That was a big mistake…. Picture the mall on the day after Thanksgiving….utter chaos at the hardware store….unhelpful sales associates who are bitter that they are working […]

The Road to Indifference

New employees often have a false sense of optimism. They think they can change the world, and lead the company to new heights! Their naive nature is humorous to the workplace veterans, and they are given the standard pat on the back for those nifty new charts and colorful graphs. It is nearly impossible for […]


We have been abandoned. For the 2006 season, the Cubs Faithful has been utterly and thoroughly abandoned by Jim Hendry. I blame Hendry now more than I do Baker, because Baker has been consistently bad, and he is managing the only way he knows how. To be upset solely with Baker is akin to only […]

The Clock of the Long Now

It was supposed to happen, but it didn’t. The Cubs Faithful expected a championship in 2004, and it just didn’t happen. For the first 25 years I spent watching the Cubs, I was more interested in the individual players, than in having a World Series winning team. How many bags would Dernier swipe….how many strikeouts […]

Centrally Located

We are now 1/3rd through the 2006 season, and it is time to see what went wrong, what went right, and what is yet to come! About two weeks ago, you may have thought the Cubs didn’t have a prayer this season. Did you also think the Central Division was the best in all of […]

In Search of Absolution….

From all of us here at the CCO we hope that everyone had a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend, don’t forget to check all of the articles throughout the weekend for all the Cubs news you may have missed, and judging by the traffic, most of you did. There were roster moves, injury updates […]

Foreshadow This…

Have you heard the latest rumblings….Glendon “Glooroo” Rusch may be back in the starting rotation. This possibility has surfaced due to the unfortunate lack of success of young Cub pitchers like Jerome Williams, Angel Guzman, and Rich Hill. With Kerry Wood already feeling soreness, and Mark Prior and Wade Miller still on the DL, the […]

A Failure to Lead

A lot of the Cub Faithful are scratching their heads right about now….ok….clawing their eyes out may be more of an accurate description. Why are we so frustrated and upset at the utter incompetence we have been forced to watch the past two weeks? Simple: we see the truth about Dusty Baker and Jim Hendry, […]

Irrational Thoughts and Foolish Assumptions

Many of us like to believe in a higher consciousness, a higher stream of intelligent thought, where all the answers to all the important questions may be found. Many of us look to the past for the answers to our future, and it is there we find wisdom and guidance in the sage advice of […]

2003 Was A Surprise, So Why Not 2006?

Ok, here is the deal: I am hearing a lot of people claim this is the reason why the Cubs won’t win the division, or this is the reason why the Cubs will win the division, and the reasons are often based on comparisons to the past division winners (1984, 1989, or 2003, etc….) Except […]