Now we all know the truth. Mark Prior is finished in baseball, and Sammy Sosa is as good as he ever was. How foolish the Cubs seem now, to have given up on a proven producer, while never giving up on a proven underachiever. I suppose it is only a matter of days now until […]


Got concerns? Worried about the batting averages of the Cubs’ middle infielders, whether Alfonso Soriano can catch, or perhaps concerned about the arm of Jacque Jones? Have you wrestled with the fact that Wood and Prior are not as important, yet still kind of being counted on? Is Roberto Novoa still on this team? I […]


Have you figured out the keys to the Cubs season yet? The average fan would tell you that the biggest factors in the 2007 Cubs season would be the health of Derrek Lee, the bats of Alfonso Soriano and Aramis Ramirez, or the performance of our revamped starting rotation. Perhaps you feel the same way? […]

All Things Considered

The Cubs do not have a starting centerfielder on their roster. Last time I checked, that was a fairly important position. In fact, in my opinion, beside shortstop and catcher, CF ranks as the most important defensive position on a team. Has GM Jim Hendry simply forgotten the CF position exists? You know better….

The Center of Discussion

Have you ever studied for a test, every single night, for three weeks straight, and then decided to not show up for the exam? Maybe you dated a girl for a year, went through a lengthy and celebrated engagement, and on the day of the wedding you just went bowling by yourself instead? Perhaps you […]

Accurately Guessing

This may be blatantly stealing from Brian a bit, but with Winter Meetings ongoing, news can strike any moment, so I am keeping this brief! I am just going to sound off on some random thoughts about the off-season and the Winter Meetings thus far, and I highly encourage all the great CCO Readers to […]

Next Stop, Hope….

The Chicago Cubs, I have heard, are now the Illinois Yankees of the baseball world. Apparently they spend obscene amounts of money and have signed just about every good free agent on the market thus far. In fact, Lou Piniella has assured us all that Jim Hendry is really Pac-Man, gobbling up players in a […]

Here’s The Deal

A move so bold it created the nickname “Jim Spendry”. A sum of money so vast that the Dodgers’ GM surely heralded the signing as “obscene” to his colleagues. A change in fiscal policy so drastic that I had to reread the news of the signing over and over again, to convince myself that it […]

Break It Down

Jim Hendry managed to keep an arduous off-season from getting even more difficult, by quickly securing the Cubs most prolific offensive star in the past four years, Aramis Ramirez, to a new 5-year contract. You may have also heard about our new bullpen guy, Kerry Wood, who will combine with Scott Eyre, Bobby Howry, and […]

Prelude to a Championship?

Are you overwhelmed by the Cubs off-season moves yet? Will the Wade Miller signing bring to fruition John McDonough’s World Series goal? With such scarce pickings in this year’s free agent class, I am left wondering if Hendry and his team ever do any planning for the future. Sure, they probably overly obsess over their […]