A Cubs Prospects Q&A with MLB.com’s Jim Callis

Now more than at any point in the history of the storied franchise, the focus for the Chicago Cubs is building a system with sustained success. A lot of improvement has been made with the farm system in just over two years. The Cubs have projectable impact talent not too far away from the big […]

A Q & A with Len Kasper

As the television voice of the Cubs since 2005, Len Kasper has endeared himself to many Cubs fans. His professional approach, accurate descriptions and disciplined preparation allow Len to execute his job in an efficient and successful manner. When you invite the Cubs into your living room every day, you are inviting Len Kasper in […]

A Q & A with XM Radio’s Holden Kushner

Holden Kushner has been with XM Radio, Channel 175 since 2005 first hosting MLB Live Weekend. Since, Holden has hosted such shows as Baseball This Morning, The Show and of late, Inside Pitch. Holden recently took time from his shows on XM Radio to answer a few questions about the Cubs off-season for the CCO….

A Conversation with Pat Hughes

Over the years, for many, Pat Hughes as become as synonymous with the Chicago Cubs as Harry Caray and his partner Ron Santo. Hughes’ love for the game of baseball is heard on a daily basis as he describes the actions on the field in his unique way. We welcome Pat into our lives and […]

A Q&A with Dayn Perry….Part II

Yesterday the CCO ran part one of our Q&A with Dayn Perry. If you didn’t get the chance to see it, go read yesterday’s article for Dayn’s thoughts on Lou Piniella, Alfonso Soriano, Ted Lilly and Jason Marquis….just to name a few. Now, it’s time for part two….

A Q&A with Dayn Perry

If you’re a baseball fan, you have certainly read something written by Dayn Perry. Dayn is a regular writer for FoxSports.com and Chicago Sports Review. He has also written for Baseball Prospectus and is currently working on a biography of Reggie Jackson. In his book Winners, Dayn offers a detailed and entertaining view of analyzing […]

Anno Catuli….A Q&A with Lakeview Baseball Club

AC036198 and EAMUS CATULI…. What does that mean? Are they Greek or something? Well, they are actually Latin and they are signs on the rooftop of the Lakeview Baseball Club just beyond the right field wall of Wrigley Field on Sheffield Avenue.

A Q&A with the Tennessee Smokies

The Chicago Cubs announced a change to their Minor League system on September 21st. The Tennessee Smokies are now the Double-A affiliate of the Cubs replacing the West Tenn Diamond Jaxx. The Diamond Jaxx had been an affiliate of the Cubs organization since 1998. The Cubs and Smokies agreed to a 2-year player development contract….the […]

The CCO Interview with John McDonough and Joe Rios of the Chicago Cubs

The History of the Cubs Convention from the Creator of the Cubs Convention, John McDonough and the Manager of Special Events Joe Rios The Cubs Convention….why? I know every year the Cubs hold their annual convention to kick off the upcoming baseball season. The Cubs invite current and former players, people pile into the Hilton […]