A Passion for the Game….Day Two at the Convention

Day two of the Cubs Convention was filled, as usual, with sessions that involved management, coaches and players. The big panel of the day is typically the first….”Meet Cubs Management”. This year being the first with Piniella was interesting to say the least. The second major event of the day assembled Lou and his entire […]

Oh What a Night….Day One at the Convention

This year was different, the optimism remained the same but the message has changed. Every year the Cubs hope to have a winning season, this year they expect it. The blue “W” was everywhere you looked from the passes, to the large banner in front of the podium at the Opening Ceremonies to the top […]

The Buck Stops Here

Updated – 11:55am CST with Cubs 2007 Convention Schedule As the 22nd annual Cubs Convention kicks off this weekend, the feeling is like none prior, and no, not Mark. Usually, this weekend is a feel-good story, one filled with players from yester-year and idols from days gone by, showing up to rehash the good times […]